How To Say Good Morning in Swedish

Good morning is a very common greeting. Even in Sweden. In this article we will tell you the different ways how to say good morning in Swedish. There are roughly three ways of greeting someone in the morning, listed below:


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How do you say "Good Morning" in Swedish?

  • God morgon” (formal, proper)
  • “Morrn’” (informal)
  • “Mmm…” (coffee first, talkie later)


Greetings in Swedish

Good morning is not the only greeting in Sweden. Some northern parts of Sweden do not see light or day several times a year, so it is practical to know some basic Swedish alternatives to good morning.


  • hej or hej hej              hi, hello
  • hejsan                           hi (informal)
  • god dag                        hello; goodbye (the literal meaning is  “good day”. This greeting can be used any time during the day, from morning until around 5pm)
  • god morgon              good morning (commonly used until around 11am)
  • god förmiddag         good morning (commonly used from around 11am until noon)
  • god middag               good afternoon (commonly used around noon)
  • god eftermiddag     good afternoon (commonly used from noon until around 5pm)
  • god kväll                     good evening (commonly used from around 5pm)
How to say Good Morning in Swedish How to say hello. Basic Swedish Words Phrases Vocabulary

Around the summer solstice, you can see the midnight sun in the Northern parts of Sweden, like in this photo.

How to say welcome in Swedish


  • välkommen!              welcome!
  • välkommen till …   welcome to …


How to say good bye or see you in Swedish

A greeting is not complete without a goodbye. Here are several basic Swedish phrases to say goodbye to someone.


  • hej or hej hej    bye
  • hejdå                   goodbye
  • god natt              goodnight
  • vi ses!                  see you! (informal)
  • vi ses snart!      see you soon!
  • vi ses senare!   see you later!
  • ha en bra dag! have a good day!



There are many different ways to say good morning in Swedish, or to say hello in Swedish. We listed the most common and most socially accepted in this article. Please share if  you liked this. If you have any more suggestions or comments, please let us know below in the comment section.

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