Spanish Frequency Dictionary Series - Four Customers Share Their Stories: These Are Their Opinions.


Today I wanted to share with you, four stories of our customers, who had a great experience with our Spanish frequency dictionaries series.

They give you all the Spanish vocabulary you need, presented by how often you’ll use the word in text and speech. You can learn Spanish very fast this way. In any language, you will use the top 1000 most common words words you will use about 85% of all time.

They’re available in paperback from Amazon, or as E-books from our website.

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What These Four People Think About The Spanish Frequency Dictionaries:


“Study less, achieve more! ” 

"When I first heard about the concept of frequency dictionaries, I thought it sounded so extremely logical. 

Achieving more, by studying less?

That's exactly what I wanted.

But would it really work in real life? And why would I spend money on this book while I could download an app for free?

Fortunately, I tried the first book of the Spanish series, and I loved the results. 

It's obvious that a lot of time and effort went into creating this dictionary. The word list has proven really reliable so far. I'm around 2000 words now and consider myself fluent enough to have convos.

I feel so motivated to improve my Spanish and learn more languages since I discovered the idea of frequency dictionaries!!

Mark Wilders

Phoenix , AZ


“Straightforward, Fast Results”

"I love the Spanish frequency dictionaries because they’re so easy, simple, and straightforward to use. Just learn between 10 and 30 words per day - no excuses! - and you'll notice major improvements in just a few weeks. You'll notice that you start to figure out most parts of the sample sentences already when you know about 200 words. How cool is that!!"

Ellis Parker-Brady

Gran Canaria, Spain


“Blew my mind”

"This frequency dictionary is responsible for the best results I have ever gotten from any language learning method... after studying from the dictionary, I could understand basic conversations and most magazines in just 4 weeks time. I listen to Radio Nacional de Espana daily, it's a great talk show station and helped me so much, especially combined with learning the most important words. I completely blew my mind how much you can already understand if you know just the top 400-500 words. Absolutely crazy. I wouldn’t have guessed this in a million years. Based on this alone, the frequency dictionary is worth every single penny. "

Anni Korhonen

Helsinki, Finland 

“All Spanish Words You Need To Know

"I tried this dictionary because I was tired of slow improvements with other learning methods. This book promised to give me a list of all Spanish words you need to know to get about in daily life… and it did not disappoint!!

Now, I know exactly what words I need to learn, and what words I do not need to know. I started studying less, (from 1 hour per day, to just 20 minutes lol), and I actually got way better results!!! 

The results are amazing!

Another thing I really liked was the phonetic transcription of Spanish words. This helped me getting my pronunciation right every time, so I don't mispronounce words.

I really liked the sample sentences; you understand straight-away how you can use that word in a sentence.

Also, when I see a word used in context, I somehow remember it better (and I tend to learn the sentence too, really weird!).

Before, I used to spend so much time learning random vocabulary here and there... and after a while, I would get frustrated because I wasn't really getting anywhere. I'd move on to the next app, and this circle started all over again. :-(

When I got this book, I just stuck to the recommendation of learning 10 words per day. I kept it up the past 6 months. Because I saw results so quickly, I was motivated to continue learning.

It's been much more successful than any other app, program, or word list I have used in the past.. 


I would recommend the Spanish Frequency Dictionary 1 - Essential Vocabulary to anyone who is a bit lazy (like me, not gonna lie here) and wants to spend as little time studying as possible while maximizing their results!"

Andrew J. McArthur

Mexico-City, Mexico


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