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How To Say "Worried" In Spanish

Are you curious about how to express the English word "worried" in Spanish? Understanding the equivalents of emotions in different languages enriches cultural connections and facilitates communication. In this article, we will explore the meaning of "worried" in Spanish and provide five sample sentences to help you grasp its usage in various contexts.

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What is "Worried" in Spanish?

The Spanish equivalent of "worried" is preocupado (IPA: /pɾe.o.kuˈpa.ðo(a)/). This term conveys a state of distress or concern about something specific. Just like in English, "preocupado" can be used to describe a mental state when someone is uneasy or troubled due to a particular situation or problem.

Meaning of "Worried" in Spanish

When using the word "preocupado" in Spanish, it reflects a wide range of emotions, from mild unease to intense distress. It expresses feelings of anxiety or uneasiness related to real or potential issues, such as health, financial matters, or personal problems. The term highlights the psychological and emotional state of the person experiencing worry or concern.

Synonyms of "Worried" in Spanish:

Here are synonyms of "preocupado(a)" in Spanish, along with their meanings:

  • Inquieto (IPA: /ɪnˈ Anxious or restless due to worries or concerns about something.
  • Angustiado (IPA: /aŋɡusˈtja.ðo/): Feeling distressed or tormented by concerns, causing emotional discomfort.
  • Nervioso (nerˈβ Feeling nervous or uneasy about a situation, often accompanied by restlessness or tension.
  • Intranquilo (ɪn.tranˈki.lo): Feeling unsettled or disturbed by worries, leading to a sense of unease or disquietude.
  • Agobiado (IPA: /a.ɣoˈβja.ðo/): Overwhelmed by worries or burdens, experiencing a heavy feeling of pressure or distress.
  • Afligido (IPA: /aˈ Being afflicted with distress or sorrow, usually due to concerns about a specific issue.
  • Cautivo (IPA: /kauˈti.vo/): Captivated or imprisoned mentally by worries, feeling captive to one's concerns.
  • Desasosegado (IPA: /ˈse.ɣ Restless or disquieted, unable to find peace of mind due to worries.
  • Estresado (IPA: /es.treˈsa.ðo/): Stressed or strained, experiencing mental pressure or tension because of concerns.
  • Intrigado (IPA: /ɪnˈtɾi.ɣ Intrigued or preoccupied by a particular issue, causing curiosity or interest.

—The noun, verb, and adverb forms of worried in Spanish (worry, to worry, worriedly) are analyzed in other blog posts. 

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How to Say "Worried" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "worried" in Spanish:

  • Estoy preocupado por el examen de mañana.

(I am worried about tomorrow's exam.)

  • Mi hermana está muy inquieta por el viaje.

(My sister is very worried about the trip.)

  • ¿Estás intranquilo por lo que pasó hoy?

(Are you worried about what happened today?)

  • La noticia me dejó angustiado.

(The news left me feeling worried.)

  • Estamos preocupados por su salud.

(We are worried about his health.)

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In conclusion, "worried" in Spanish is commonly expressed as "preocupado," but many synonyms can be properly used depending from the context. Whether you find yourself in Mexico, Spain, or Argentina, understanding these variations will enhance your language skills and allow you to connect more deeply with native Spanish speakers. Next time you encounter a situation that elicits worry, use the appropriate term and convey your emotions accurately in Spanish. ¡Buena suerte!

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