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How To Say "Windy" In Spanish

If you find yourself in a conversation about weather or simply want to express the blustery conditions outside in Spanish, it is helpful to know how to say "windy." In this article, we will explore the translation, meaning, and regional references for the word "windy" in Spanish. Additionally, we will provide you with five sample sentences to assist you in using the word correctly. Let us dive in!

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What is "Windy" in Spanish?

The word "windy" in Spanish can be translated as ventoso (IPA: /benˈ This term encapsulates the idea of a breezy or gusty atmosphere, allowing you to accurately describe the weather conditions or the feeling of wind in a particular setting.

Meaning of "Windy" in Spanish

In Spanish-speaking cultures, "señorita" is used to show courtesy and politeness when addressing a woman or a girl who is not married. It carries a similar meaning to the English word "miss" but with a cultural nuance attached to it. It is important to note that this term is used to address a young, unmarried woman and not a married woman.

Synonyms of "Windy" in Spanish

Here are some synonyms of "windy" in Spanish, along with their definitions:

  • Eólico (IPA: /eˈoliko/): Referring to the wind or produced by it.
  • Viento (IPA: /ˈbjento/): Movement of air in the atmosphere.
  • Aireado (IPA: /aˈiɾe̯aðo/): That is filled or impregnated with air.
  • Ventilado (IPA: /βentiˈlaðo/): That receives or allows the passage of air.
  • Soplado (IPA: /soˈplado/): That has been moved or displaced by the wind.
  • Vendaval (IPA: /benˈdaβal/): Strong, impetuous, and stormy wind.
  • Corrido (IPA: /koˈriðo/): That has been swept or moved by the wind.
  • Silbante (IPA: /silˈbante/): That produces a high-pitched sound similar to a whistle due to the wind.
  • Ráfagas (IPA: /ˈrafaɣas/): A strong and brief gust of wind.
  • Tempestuoso (IPA: /tempesˈtuoso/): That is full of storms or tempests.

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How to Say "Windy" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "windy" in Spanish:

  • Hoy hace mucho viento en la playa.

(Today it's very windy at the beach.)

  • Me encanta caminar en días ventosos.

(I love walking on windy days.)

  • En la Patagonia, el clima puede ser bastante ventoso.

(In Patagonia, the weather can be quite windy.)

  • A los niños les encanta volar cometas en días ventosos.

(Children love flying kites on windy days.)

  • Durante el otoño, a menudo hay días ventosos en esta región.

(During autumn, there are often windy days in this region.)

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Now you know how to say "windy" in Spanish! The term "ventoso" accurately conveys the idea of a breezy or gusty environment. Additionally, we have explored regional references, providing you with a broader understanding of how different Spanish-speaking countries refer to windy conditions. By incorporating these phrases into your conversations, you can confidently discuss the weather and express the blustery conditions around you.

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