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How To Say "Turnably" In Spanish

Language is a fascinating bridge that connects cultures and people around the world. As we explore the depths of linguistic diversity, we often encounter words that might not have a direct counterpart in another language. One such word is the English adverb "turnably." If you are wondering how to convey this concept in Spanish, you are in the right place. In this article, we will delve into the meaning of "turnably" and explore its possible translations in Spanish, along with some sample sentences to illustrate its usage.

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What is "Turnably" in Spanish?

When it comes to translating "turnably" into Spanish, there is not a direct one-word equivalent. Instead, Spanish offers various phrases and expressions that capture the essence of the term. These translations may sound strange in non-written contexts. While they are useful mostly for written expression, they can be adequate to translate particular English sentences.

Some ways to express the concept of "turnably" in Spanish include the following: 

  • De manera giratoria (IPA: /de maˈneɾa xiɾaˈtoɾja/) 
  • Con capacidad de giro (IPA: /kon kaˌpaθiˈðað ðe ˈxiɾo/) 
  • De forma voluble (IPA: /de ˈforma boˈluβle/) 
  • Con posibilidad de girar (IPA: /kon posibiliˈðað ðe xiˈɾar/)
  • Con aptitud para girar (IPA: /kon aptiˈtuð paɾa xiˈɾar/)

Meaning of "Turnably" in Spanish

"Turnably" is an adverb used to describe something that can be turned or rotated. This term may not be commonly used in everyday conversation, but it finds its place in technical or descriptive contexts. For instance, imagine discussing the functionality of a device that can be rotated in various directions. In such cases, "turnably" would be aptly used to convey this ability. 

  • De manera giratoria: This phrase translates to "in a rotational manner" and effectively conveys the idea of something being able to turn.
  • Con capacidad de giro: This expression can be translated as "with a turning capacity," emphasizing the ability to rotate.
  • De forma voluble: While not a direct translation, this phrase can be used to convey the sense of something being changeable or flexible in terms of rotation.
  • Con posibilidad de girar: This phrase can be understood as "with the possibility of turning" and emphasizes the potential for rotation.
  • Con aptitud para girar: "Aptitud" means "aptitude" or "ability," so this phrase can be interpreted as "with the ability to turn."

—The noun, verb, and adjective forms of "turnably" (turn, to turn, turning, turnable) are analyzed in other blog posts.

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How to Say "Turnably" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "turnably" in Spanish:

  • La silla de oficina tiene ruedas, lo que le permite moverse de manera giratoria.

(The office chair has wheels, allowing him to move turnably.)

  • El monitor de la computadora es ajustable y tiene una base con capacidad de giro.

(The computer monitor is adjustable and has a turnably base.)

  • La escultura en el centro de la plaza gira de forma voluble con el viento.

(The sculpture in the center of the square turns changeably with the wind.)

  • El telescopio está montado sobre un soporte con posibilidad de girar en todas las direcciones.

(The telescope is mounted on a stand with a turnably possibility in all directions.)

  • Los paneles solares están diseñados con aptitud para girar y seguir la trayectoria del sol.

(The solar panels are designed with the ability to turn and follow the path of the sun.)

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Language is a dynamic and ever-evolving phenomenon, allowing us to communicate complex ideas and concepts across cultures. While the English adverb "turnably" may not have a direct equivalent in Spanish, the language offers a range of expressions that effectively capture its meaning. Whether you opt for "de manera giratoria," "con capacidad de giro," or any other translation, these phrases enable you to convey the concept of something that can be turned or rotated. So next time you encounter the need to express "turnably" in Spanish, you will be equipped with the right vocabulary to effectively communicate the idea.

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