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How To Say "Turnable" In Spanish

When it comes to translation, the journey from one language to another can be both exciting and challenging. One such term that might have you scratching your head is the English adjective "turnable." In this article, we will explore how to accurately express this term in Spanish, delve into its meaning, and provide you with valuable insights into its usage.

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What is "Turnable" in Spanish?

The English adjective "turnable" refers to something that can be rotated or revolved easily. In Spanish, the equivalent terms include giratorio (IPA: /xi.ɾaˈto.ɾjo/), volteable (IPA: /bolˈte.a.ble/), girable (IPA: /xiˈɾa.ble/)girador (IPA: /xi.ɾaˈðoɾ/), and doblegable (IPA: /do.bleˈɣa.ble/). These terms encapsulate the concept of being able to turn or rotate. "Giratorio" is widely used across Spanish-speaking regions and is a straightforward translation for "turnable." It is important to note that "girable" and "volteable" are not recognized as adequate words by the Real Academia de la Lengua Española, but can appear in contexts such as informal conversations.  

Meaning of "Turnable" in Spanish

"Turnable" is an adjective used to describe something that can be turned or rotated. It indicates that an object or a component has the ability to change its orientation around a specific axis or point. This term is commonly used in contexts where the ability to rotate or pivot is a defining characteristic, such as in mechanical engineering, design, and everyday language. For example, a "turnable knob" refers to a knob that can be twisted or rotated to adjust something, like the volume on a radio. These are the meanings of the translations of "turnable" that we mentioned above: 

  • Giratorio: This term is widely used to convey the idea of something that can be rotated or turned. It is a straightforward translation that is easily understood across Spanish-speaking regions.
  • Volteable: "Volteable" is commonly used to describe objects that can be flipped or turned over, suggesting a movement that changes the object's position.
  • Girable: "Girable" emphasizes the ability to rotate or pivot, often associated with machinery or objects that require rotational movement.
  • Girador: This term has a slightly different connotation, referring to something that is a pivot or a turning point. It can be used metaphorically to describe pivotal moments in events or discussions.
  • Doblegable: "Doblegable" is used when something can be folded or bent, implying a transformation in its shape or form through a turning action.

—Other noun, verb, adjective, and adverb forms of "turnable" (turn, to turn, turning, turnably) are analyzed in other blog posts.

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How to Say "Turnable" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "turnable" in Spanish:

  • La silla tiene un asiento giratorio, lo que permite ver panorámicamente el entorno.

(The chair has a turnable seat, which allows a panoramic view of the surroundings.)

  • El restaurante tiene mesas giratorias desde las que se puede disfrutar todas las vistas.

(The restaurant has turnable tables from which you can enjoy all the views.)

  • Esta mesa tiene una tapa volteable, lo que la hace conveniente para diferentes configuraciones.

(This table has a turnable top, making it convenient for different settings.)

  • Los ventiladores de techo giratorios mantienen la habitación fresca y cómoda.

(The turnable ceiling fans keep the room cool and comfortable.)

  • El expositor de folletos está diseñado para ser doblegable, lo que permite a los espectadores acceder a la información fácilmente.

(The brochure stand is designed to be turnable, allowing viewers to access information easily.)

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In the intricate tapestry of language, the English adjective "turnable" finds its Spanish counterpart in "giratorio." This term elegantly encapsulates the concept of rotation and swivel, whether describing a revolving door in a Spanish hotel or a rotating platform on a theater stage. As language evolves, it is fascinating to witness the various regional nuances that add depth to communication. Remember that other synonyms can be properly used in different contexts. 

So, whether you find yourself admiring the vista from a "silla giratoria" in Spain or navigating through the hustle of a market with "mesas giratorias" in Mexico, the concept of "turnable" is beautifully captured in the Spanish language. Embrace the diverse linguistic landscape, and let the word "giratorio" spin its tale of rotation across the Spanish-speaking world.

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