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How To Say "Travel" In Spanish

Are you planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country and wondering how to say travel in Spanish? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the different ways to express the concept of travel in Spanish, the regional differences, and provide some sample sentences to help you get started.

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What is "Travel" in Spanish?

The word "travel" in Spanish can be translated in several ways depending on the context. Some of the most common translations are:

  • Viajar (IPA: /bja.ˈxaɾ/): This is the most widely used verb for "to travel" in Spanish. It is a regular -ar verb that means "to go on a journey or trip".

  • Desplazarse (IPA: /des.pla.ˈθaɾ.se/): This verb is more formal and usually used in official contexts, such as government documents or business trips. It means "to move from one place to another".

  • Recorrer (IPA: /re.ko.ˈreɾ/): This verb means "to travel through or across a place". It is often used when talking about sightseeing or exploring a city or country.

Meaning of "Travel" in Spanish

In Spanish, the word "travel" doesn't always have the same connotation as in English. For example, in English, "travel" can refer to both leisure trips and business trips, but in Spanish, there are different words for these concepts:

  • Turismo (IPA: /tu.ˈɾ This word refers to tourism or leisure travel.

  • Viaje de negocios (IPA: /ˈbia.xe ðe ne.ɣo.ˈθjos/): This expression means "business trip" and is used when traveling for work.

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Regional Differences

As with any language, there are regional differences in Spanish that affect the vocabulary and expressions used to talk about travel. For example:

  • In Spain, the verb "moverse" is often used instead of "desplazarse" to mean "to move from one place to another".

  • In Latin America, the word "pasear" is often used instead of "recorrer" to mean "to stroll or walk around a place". 

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How to Say "Travel" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "travel" in Spanish:

  • ¿Vas a viajar este verano?

(Are you going to travel this summer?)

  • Me encanta viajar y conocer nuevos lugares.

(I love to travel and discover new places.)

  • ¿Qué medio de transporte prefieres para viajar?

(What mode of transportation do you prefer for travel?)

  • Este año, mi empresa me envió en un viaje de negocios a México.

(This year, my company sent me on a business trip to Mexico.)

  • Ellos viajaron en carro para llegar allí.

(They traveled by car to get there.)


In conclusion, knowing how to say travel in Spanish is essential for anyone planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country. Whether you are going on vacation or traveling for work, understanding the different words and expressions used for travel will help you communicate effectively and enjoy your experience to the fullest. Remember to keep in mind the regional differences and use the appropriate vocabulary depending on the context. 

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