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How To Say "Together" In Spanish

If you are learning Spanish, you may be wondering how to say "together" in this beautiful language. Whether you want to express that you're doing something with someone else or that you want to join a group, "together" is a word you will frequently use. In this article, we will guide you through the various meanings and translations of "together" in Spanish.

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What is "Together" in Spanish?

The word "together" in Spanish is "juntos" (IPA: /'xuntos/). This is the most common translation of "together" in the sense of "in each other's company". However, the Spanish language offers other variations that depend on the context in which you want to use the word. Let us explore them below.

Meaning of "Together" in Spanish

The word "juntos" is the most common and straightforward way to say "together" in Spanish. However, you can also use different expressions that convey the same idea in different ways. Here are some of them:

  • Unidos (IPA: /uˈniðos/): This is another common translation of "together" in Spanish. It can be used to express unity or togetherness in a group or team.
  • En conjunto (IPA:/en konˈxunto/): This phrase translates to "together" in the sense of working or collaborating with others towards a common goal. It is often used in a professional context.
  • En compañía de (IPA:/en kombaˈɲia ðe/): This means "in the company of" and can be used to indicate that you are doing something with someone else.
  • En grupo (IPA:/en ˈɡɾupo/): This phrase translates to "in a group" and can be used to indicate that you are doing something with a group of people.

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Regional Differences

As with any language, regional differences in Spanish can affect how people say "together". Depending on where you are, you may hear different words or phrases that convey the same meaning. For example:

  • In Argentina, "juntos" can also be translated as "unidos", but "juntos" is more commonly used.
  • In Spain, "juntos" is the most common way to say "together", but you may also hear "juntos/as" or "juntos y revueltos", which translates to "together and mixed up".
  • In Mexico, "juntos" is also the most common way to say "together", but you may hear "juntitos" or "juntos y unidos", which means "together and united". 

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How to Say "Together" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "together" in Spanish:

  • Let's work together on this project.

(Trabajemos juntos en este proyecto.)

  • We're all together in this.

(Estamos todos unidos en esto.)

  • She's going to the party in the company of her friends.

(Ella va a la fiesta en compañía de sus amigos.)

  • The children are playing together in the park.

(Los niños están jugando juntos en el parque.)

  • We traveled together to Mexico last year.

(Viajamos en conjunto a México el año pasado.)


In summary, "together" can be expressed in Spanish in different ways depending on the context and region. "Juntos" is the most common translation, but "unidos" or "en compañía" can also convey a similar meaning. Keep in mind the regional differences, and do not be afraid to use alternative phrases to add variety to your Spanish.

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