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How To Say "Those" In Spanish

Are you struggling to express the concept of "those" in Spanish? Fear not, as we embark on a linguistic journey to uncover the secrets of this essential word. In this article, we will explore the meaning of the term "those" in Spanish, analyze its various regional nuances, provide IPA phonetics for better pronunciation, and offer five valuable sample sentences to help you grasp its usage.

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What is "Those" in Spanish?

In Spanish, "those" can be expressed through several words and forms, each with its unique context and usage. Here are some of the key translations:

  • Esos (IPA: /ˈesos/)
  • Aquellos (IPA: /aˈkel.los/)
  • Esas (IPA: /ˈesas/)
  • Aquéllas (IPA: /aˈkel.las/)
  • Los que (IPA: /los ke/)
  • Las que (IPA: /los ke/)

Meaning of "Those" in Spanish

Understanding the nuances of how to say "those" in Spanish is crucial for effective communication. The choice between these variations depends on factors such as gender, proximity, and the specific context of your conversation. Let us break down the meanings and scenarios for each option:

  • Esos: Used in everyday conversation, "esos" denotes objects or people near the speaker but not necessarily close. It is the most versatile option for "those" in Spanish.

  • Aquellos: Reserved for objects or people that are physically or metaphorically distant from the speaker. Think of it as "those over there" in English.

  • Esas: Specifically for feminine objects or concepts that are close to the speaker. For example: Esas flores son hermosas. (Those flowers are beautiful.)

  • Aquéllas: The feminine, distant counterpart of "esas," it implies both distance and femininity. Aquéllas montañas son majestuosas. (Those mountains are majestic.)

  • Los que and las que: These phrases introduce a level of specificity. For instance: Los que estudian mucho aprueban los exámenes. (Those who study a lot pass their exams.)

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How to Say "Those" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "those" in Spanish:

  • Esos libros son interesantes. 

(Those books are interesting.)

  • Aquellos niños están jugando en el parque.

(Those children are playing in the park.)

  • Esas gafas de sol son muy elegantes.

(Those sunglasses are very stylish.)

  • Aquéllas montañas son imponentes.

(Those mountains are imposing.)

  • Los que hablan varios idiomas tienen ventajas en el mercado laboral. 

(Those who speak multiple languages have advantages in the job market.)

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In conclusion, the term "those" in Spanish offers a range of options to express varying degrees of proximity and specificity. Understanding these nuances and regional variations will enhance your communication skills in Spanish. Practice these forms in different contexts, and you will soon be proficient in using "those" like a native speaker. Remember that language learning is a journey, and embracing these subtleties will make your Spanish conversations more nuanced and authentic. ¡Buena suerte!

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