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How To Say There In Spanish

If you are learning Spanish, it is essential to know how to say "there" in this language. In this article, we will cover the meaning of "there" in Spanish, how to translate it, and regional differences you should know. By the end of this article, you will know how to say "there" in Spanish like a native!

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What is "There" in Spanish?

In English, "there" is a pronoun used to indicate a place or location. Similarly, in Spanish, "there" is translated to "allí" (IPA: /a.ˈʎi/) or "ahí" (IPA: /a.ˈi/), depending on the context.

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Meaning of "There" in Spanish

"Allí" is used to indicate a location that is far from both the speaker and the listener. For example:

  • La Torre Eiffel está allí

(The Eiffel Tower is over there.)

"Ahí" is used to indicate a location that is close to the listener but far from the speaker. For example:

  • ¿El supermercado está cerca de aquí? -Sí, está ahí.

(Is the supermarket near here? -Yes, it's right there.)

Regional Differences

In some regions of the Spanish-speaking world, there are other words used to express "there". Here are a few examples:

  • In Mexico, "allá" is also used to express "there". It is similar to "allí" but emphasizes a more significant distance.
  • In parts of South America, such as Argentina, "allá" is also used, but it's more commonly used than "allí".

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How to Say There in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences to help you learn how to say "there" in Spanish:

  • Dejé mi teléfono allí.

(I left my phone over there.)

  • ¿El baño está allí?

(Is the bathroom over there?)

  • La fiesta es allí.

(The party is over there.)

  • ¡Mira, hay un ciervo allí!

(Look, there's a deer over there!)

  • El restaurante está ahí mismo.

(The restaurant is right there.)


Learning how to say "there" in Spanish is crucial to be able to communicate effectively in this language. Now that you know how to translate it and the regional differences, you can confidently use "allí" or "ahí" depending on the context. Remember to practice using these words in different situations to improve your fluency.

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