How To Say Sometimes In Spanish

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How To Say Sometimes In Spanish

As the third most spoken language in the world, Spanish is a valuable asset to anyone's language skills. One essential aspect of language is the ability to convey frequency, such as using the word "sometimes". In this article, we will discuss the meaning of "sometimes" in Spanish, regional differences, and, of course, how to say it.

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What is "Sometimes" in Spanish?

The word for "sometimes" in Spanish is "a veces". The IPA phonetic transcription for "a veces" is [a ˈβe.θes]. This term is commonly used in both Latin America and Spain. 

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Meaning of "Sometimes" in Spanish

The term "a veces" is used to indicate that something occurs occasionally or irregularly, but not frequently. This adverb implies that an event or action has happened before, but not always. It suggests that there is some sort of variability in the situation. For instance, "Sometimes I go to the gym" indicates that the speaker goes to the gym irregularly, but not every day.

Translating "Sometimes" to Spanish

To translate "sometimes" to Spanish, use "a veces". Here are some more translations of "sometimes" in Spanish:

  • De vez en cuando (IPA: /de βeθ en ˈ This phrase means "once in a while" or "from time to time." It is a little more casual than "a veces".
  • En ocasiones (IPA: /en okaˈsjones/): This phrase means "on occasion" or "occasionally." It implies that something happens sometimes, but not often.
  • Algunas veces (IPA: /alˈɣunas ˈβeθes/): This phrase means "some times" and is similar to "a veces." It implies that something happens occasionally but not always.
  • A ratos (IPA: /a ˈɾatos/): This phrase means "at times" or "sometimes". It suggests that something happens only intermittently or occasionally.

Regional Differences 

As with any language, there are regional differences in Spanish. Here are a few regional differences to keep in mind:

  • In Mexico, "a veces" is commonly used to mean "perhaps" or "maybe".
  • In Argentina, "a veces" can be replaced with "de vez en cuando".
  • In Spain, "a veces" is the most commonly used term for "sometimes".

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How to Say Sometimes in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences on how to say "sometimes" in Spanish:

  • A veces voy al gimnasio.

(Sometimes I go to the gym.)

  • De vez en cuando como pizza.

(Sometimes I eat pizza.)

  • En ocasiones me gusta leer novelas.

(Sometimes I enjoy reading novels.)

  • Algunas veces me levanto temprano.

(Sometimes I wake up early.)

  • A ratos me siento triste.

    (Sometimes I feel sad.)


In conclusion, "a veces" is the most common way to say "sometimes" in Spanish. It is used to indicate that something occurs occasionally or irregularly. Remember that there are regional differences in Spanish, so some countries may use different terms or phrases to express the same idea.

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