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How To Say "Snow" In Spanish

If you are planning to travel to a Spanish-speaking country during winter, it is essential to know how to say "snow" in Spanish. Being able to communicate in the local language can make your trip more enjoyable and less confusing. In this article, we will answer how to say "snow" in Spanish, what is "snow" in Spanish, and as well what is the meaning of "snow" in Spanish. We will also translate "snow" to Spanish, discuss regional differences, and provide sample sentences.

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What is "Snow" in Spanish?

The Spanish word for snow is "nieve" (IPA: /ˈnje.βe/). It is a feminine noun, which means that all the adjectives and articles that modify it must also be feminine.

Meaning of "Snow" in Spanish

The meaning of "snow" in Spanish is the same as in English. "Nieve" refers to the soft, white flakes that fall from the sky during winter. It is a natural phenomenon that can create beautiful scenery but can also cause problems such as traffic congestion and power outages.

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Regional Differences

While "nieve" is the most common word for "snow" in Spanish, there are regional differences in the language. In some Latin American countries, for example, the word hielo (IPA: /ˈjelo/) is also used to refer to snow. "Hielo" is the word for "ice" in Spanish, but in some regions, it can also refer to snow that has frozen into ice. In Argentina and Uruguay, vergel (IPA: /berˈxel/) is used to refer to soft snow or slush.

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How to Say "Snow" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "snow" in Spanish:

  • La nieve es fría.

(The snow is cold.)

  • Me gusta jugar en la nieve.

(I like to play in the snow.)

  • La nieve está cayendo.

(The snow is falling.)

  • La nieve cubrió el camino.

(The snow covered the road.)

  • La nieve es blanca y suave.

(The snow is white and soft.)


Knowing how to say "snow" in Spanish is essential for anyone traveling to a Spanish-speaking country during winter. The word for "snow" in Spanish is "nieve". Remember to use feminine articles and adjectives when referring to it. While "nieve" is the most common word for snow, there are regional differences in the language. In some countries, the word "hielo" or "vergel" is also used to refer to snow. We hope this article has been helpful in expanding your Spanish vocabulary and making your winter travel experience more enjoyable.

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