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How To Say "Smellable" In Spanish

Have you ever wondered how to convey the notion of something being "smellable" in Spanish? Whether you are discussing fragrances, aromas, or odors, finding the right word to describe something that can be detected by the sense of smell is essential. In this article, we will delve into the translation of "smellable" into Spanish, explore its regional variations, and provide you with useful sample sentences to enhance your linguistic arsenal.

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What is "Smellable" in Spanish?

The English term "smellable" refers to something that emits a detectable scent or odor, capturing the attention of our olfactory senses. To express this concept in Spanish, the words to use are oloroso (IPA: /oloˈroso/) and olfateable (IPA: /olfaˈteable/), which is derived from the Spanish word "olfato," meaning "sense of smell." These terms aptly convey the ability to perceive scents through one's sense of smell.

Meaning of "Smelly" in Spanish

The English adjective "smellable" finds its counterpart in Spanish as "oloroso" or "olfateable," depending on the context and the region. Let us break down these terms and understand their usage:

  • Oloroso: This term, derived from "olor" (smell) with the suffix "-oso" denoting abundance or tendency, directly translates to "smellable." It is widely used across Spanish-speaking regions and is recognized as a standard way to convey the concept.

Sample Sentence: Las flores frescas son muy olorosas. (Fresh flowers are very smellable.)

  • Olfateable: Stemming from "olfatear" ("to sniff") with the suffix "-able" indicating capability, "olfateable" serves as an alternative to express "smellable." This term is particularly favored in some Latin American countries.

Sample Sentence: La comida recién cocinada es altamente olfateable. (Freshly cooked food is highly smellable.)

—Other different noun, verb, adjective, and adverb forms of smellable (smell, to smell, smelly, smellily) are analyzed in other blog posts. 

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Regional References

Language is a living entity, adapting and evolving within different cultural contexts. When discussing how to say "smellable" in Spanish, it is crucial to acknowledge the regional variations that shape the vocabulary. While "oloroso" and "olfateable" are the primary terms, other expressions may emerge in specific regions, such as:

  • Perceptible al olfato: this phrase translates to "perceptible to the sense of smell."
  • Detectable por el olfato: this phrase emphasizes the detectability of a scent.

How to Say "Smellable" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "smellable" in Spanish:

  • La panadería está llena de tentaciones deliciosas y olorosas.

(The bakery is filled with delicious smellable treats.)

  • El aire fresco de la mañana es increíblemente oloroso en este campo. 

(The fresh morning air is incredibly smellable in this countryside.)

  • Las especias aromáticas son altamente olfateables en el concurrido mercado.

(The aromatic spices are highly smellable in the bustling market.) 

  • Las flores fragantes en el jardín son fácilmente detectables por el olfato desde lejos

(The fragrant flowers in the garden are easily smellable from afar.)

  • La cocina siempre está llena del aroma olfateable de comidas caseras.

(The kitchen is always filled with the smellable aroma of home-cooked meals.)

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In conclusion, the English term "smellable" can be skillfully transformed into Spanish as "oloroso" or "olfateable," depending on the region and context. Understanding the nuances of these terms and their plural forms equips us with the ability to communicate the concept of detecting scents with precision. As language continues to evolve, embracing regional variations and linguistic richness adds depth to our cross-cultural interactions. So, whether you are strolling through a vibrant market or enjoying the fragrance of blooming flowers, you now have the linguistic tools to capture the essence of "smellable" in Spanish.

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