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How To Say "Skull" In Spanish

When learning a new language, one of the essential aspects is to understand how to translate various words accurately. Have ever wondered how to say "skull" in Spanish? Well, this article will provide you with the answers you seek! Here, we will explore the meaning of "skull" in Spanish, its correct pronunciation using IPA phonetics, and examples to reinforce your understanding.

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What is "Skull" in Spanish?

In Spanish, the word for "skull" is cráneo (IPA: /ˈkɾ The term refers to the bony structure that encloses and protects the brain and forms the framework of the head in vertebrates.

Meaning of "Skull" in Spanish

The Spanish word "cráneo" not only denotes the physical part of the body but can also carry metaphorical meanings, such as representing the concept of mortality or symbolizing the human remains found in archaeological contexts.

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How to Say "Skull" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "skull" in Spanish:

  • El arqueólogo descubrió un antiguo cráneo humano.

(The archaeologist uncovered an ancient human skull.)

  • El cráneo protege el cerebro y los órganos sensoriales del cráneo.

(The skull protects the brain and sensory organs within the head.)

  • El cráneo es una estructura ósea compleja y resistente.

(The skull is a complex and robust bony structure.)

  • Los antropólogos analizaron el cráneo para entender la historia del individuo.

(Anthropologists analyzed the skull to understand the individual's history.)

  • Durante la excavación, encontraron varios cráneos de animales extintos.

(During the excavation, they found several skulls of extinct animals.)

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In conclusion, the Spanish word for "skull" is "cráneo." Knowing the correct translation and pronunciation of common words like "skull" is essential when learning a new language. The term "cráneo" not only refers to the physical structure but can also carry symbolic and archaeological meanings. By using this guide and the sample sentences provided, you can confidently incorporate "cráneo" into your Spanish vocabulary. So, whether you are an aspiring language learner or just curious about different languages, you can now add one more word to your Spanish repertoire. ¡Buena suerte!

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