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How To Say Science In Spanish

Science is an essential field of study that involves the systematic and logical exploration of the natural world. It encompasses a vast range of disciplines, including physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and more. If you are interested in learning Spanish and want to know how to say "Science" in Spanish, this article will provide you with all the necessary information.

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What is "Science" in Spanish?

The word "Science" in Spanish is "Ciencia." The IPA phonetics for "Ciencia" are /θjen.θja/. It is pronounced with a soft "c" sound, similar to the "th" sound in English.

Meaning of "Science" in Spanish

The word "Ciencia" refers to the systematic study of the natural world and the knowledge that is derived from it. It encompasses all the branches of scientific inquiry, from physics and chemistry to biology and geology.

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Translating "Science" to Spanish

If you want to translate "Science" to Spanish, the most accurate translation is "Ciencia". However, there are some regional variations in the way the word is used, particularly in Latin America. In some regions, the word "Ciencia" is used more frequently than in others. For example, in Mexico, the word "Ciencia" is used more commonly than in other Latin American countries.

Regional Differences

Here are some variations of the word "Science" in Spanish that are used in different regions:

  • Ciencia: Used throughout the Spanish-speaking world
  • Sabiduría (IPA: /sa.βi.ðu.ˈɾi.a/): Used in some Latin American countries to refer to knowledge and wisdom
  • Conocimiento (IPA: /ˈθ Used in some Latin American countries to refer to knowledge and information


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How to Say School in Science: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "Science" in Spanish:

  • La ciencia es una parte fundamental de la educación.

(Science is a fundamental part of education.)

  • Me gusta leer libros de ciencia ficción.

(I like to read science fiction books.)

  • El avance de la ciencia ha permitido curar muchas enfermedades.

(The advancement of science has allowed for the cure of many diseases.)

  • Quiero estudiar ciencias naturales en la universidad.

(I want to study natural sciences in university.)

  • Los científicos están haciendo importantes descubrimientos en el campo de la ciencia médica.

(Scientists are making important discoveries in the field of medical science.)


In conclusion, learning how to say "Science" in Spanish is essential if you want to communicate effectively in the Spanish-speaking world. The word "Ciencia" is the most accurate translation of the English word "Science", but there are some regional variations in the way the word is used. Regardless of the variation, however, the concept of science remains the same, and it is essential for anyone who is interested in understanding the natural world.

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