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How To Say Red In Spanish

If you are learning Spanish, one of the basic vocabulary words you will need to know is how to say "red" in Spanish. It is a common color that you will come across in everyday conversations and in many contexts, such as clothing, food, and more. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about "red" in Spanish, including the meaning, translation, regional differences, and some sample sentences.

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What is "Red" in Spanish?

"Red" in Spanish is "rojo" (IPA: /ˈro.xo/). The word "rojo" is used throughout Spain and most Latin American countries, but there are some regional differences in terms of accents and dialects. For example, in some parts of Mexico, the word is pronounced with a slight "h" sound (IPA: /ˈro.xho/). In Argentina, the "j" sound is pronounced with a soft "sh" sound (IPA: /ˈro.ʃo/).

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Meaning of "Red" in Spanish

The meaning of "red" in Spanish is the same as in English, referring to a primary color with a hue that ranges from orange to violet. The color red is often associated with passion, love, anger, and danger. In Spanish, you can use "rojo" to describe objects, animals, and people that have a red color or a red tone.

Regional Differences

As mentioned earlier, there are some regional differences in how "rojo" is pronounced in Spanish. Apart from that, some countries have specific words or expressions that refer to shades of red or specific objects that are associated with the color. Here are a few examples:

  • In Mexico, you can use "encarnado" (IPA: /en.kaɾ.ˈna.ðo/) or "carmesí" (IPA: /kaɾ.me.ˈsi/) to refer to a bright or intense shade of red.
  • In Peru, "colorado" (IPA: /ko.lo.ˈɾa.ðo/) is a common word used to describe things that are red, such as peppers or tomatoes.
  • In some parts of Argentina, "rojizo" (IPA: /ro.ˈxi.θo/) is used to describe a reddish color or hue.
  • In Colombia, "guinda" (IPA: /ˈɡwin.da/) is a slang term used to describe a dark or maroon shade of red.

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How to Say Red in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences on how to say "Red" in Spanish:

  • Mi coche nuevo es rojo.

(My new car is red.)

  • Quiero comprar una camiseta roja.

(I want to buy a red t-shirt.)

  • Las rosas rojas son símbolo de amor.

(Red roses are a symbol of love.)

  • El cielo se veía rojo al atardecer.

(The sky looked red at sunset.)

  • No me gusta el vino tinto porque es rojo.

(I don't like red wine because it's red.)


In conclusion, "Rojo" is the most common and widely used word for "Red" in Spanish, with slight regional differences in pronunciation. It's a fundamental word to know, especially if you are traveling or learning Spanish, and it is essential to understand the context of the word, as it can have different meanings. Hopefully, this article has helped you understand "Red" in Spanish better and given you some useful phrases to use in conversation.

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