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How To Say Purple In Spanish

Are you looking to learn how to say purple in Spanish? Look no further! In this article, we will cover the different ways to say “purple” in Spanish, the meaning of the word, and regional differences you should be aware of. Let us dive in!

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What is "Purple" in Spanish?

In Spanish, "I" is translated as "yo" (IPA: /ˈʝo/). It is a first-person singular pronoun that is used to refer to oneself. "Yo" is one of the most basic words in Spanish that you will need to know in order to speak the language fluently.

Meaning of "Purple" in Spanish

In Spanish, the color purple is associated with creativity, mystery, and luxury. It is a popular color in fashion, art, and design.

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Translating "Purple" to Spanish

Purple can be translated to "morado" (IPA: /moˈɾado/) or "púrpura" (IPA: /ˈpuɾpuɾa/) in Spanish. While both words can be used interchangeably, there are regional differences in their usage.

Regional Differences

  • In Mexico and many Latin American countries, "morado" is the most common way to say purple.
  • In Spain, "púrpura" is often used to describe a darker shade of purple or a regal, royal purple.


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Sample Sentences on How to Say "Purple" in Spanish

Now that we have a better understanding of the different ways to say purple in Spanish, let us explore some sample sentences:

  • ¿Cómo se dice "purple" en español?

(How do you say "purple" in Spanish?)

  • Me encanta ese vestido morado.

(I love that purple dress.)

  • La habitación está pintada de un color púrpura oscuro.

(The room is painted a dark shade of purple.)

  • ¿Te gustan las flores moradas?

(Do you like purple flowers?)

  • El cielo se veía púrpura durante el atardecer.

(The sky looked purple during sunset.)


In conclusion, the color purple is expressed in Spanish as "morado" or "púrpura", with some regional differences in usage. Both words can be used to describe a wide range of shades, from light lilac to dark violet. Whether you are shopping for clothes or describing the scenery, knowing how to say purple in Spanish is an essential part of learning the language.

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