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How To Say "Preferred" In Spanish

When it comes to expressing preferences in different languages, knowing the right vocabulary is essential. In this article, we will delve into the Spanish translation of the adjective "preferred." We will explore the various meanings of this term and provide you with useful sample sentences for better comprehension. So, let us embark on this linguistic journey!

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What is "Preferred" in Spanish?

The adjective "preferred" in Spanish can be translated as preferido (IPA: /pɾefeˈɾiðo/) or preferente (IPA: /pɾefeˈɾente/). Both terms convey the notion of being favored or chosen over others. While these words are interchangeable in many contexts, they may have slight differences in meaning depending on the region.

Meaning of "Preferred" in Spanish

Preferido: This term is widely used across Spanish-speaking countries and generally denotes something or someone that is preferred, favored, or chosen. It implies a higher level of desirability or preference compared to other options. For example:

  • Mi color preferido es el azul. (My preferred color is blue.)
  • El restaurante preferido de mi familia es el italiano. (My family's preferred restaurant is the Italian one.)

Preferente: This word is also commonly used and carries a similar meaning to "preferido." It signifies being preferred or favored over others. In certain contexts, it may also refer to priority or privileged status. For instance:

  • Los asientos preferentes están en la primera fila. (The preferred seats are in the front row.)
  • Los clientes preferentes tienen acceso a beneficios adicionales. (Preferred customers have access to additional benefits.)

—The noun, verb, and adverb forms of to prefer (preferences, to prefer, preferably) are analyzed in another blog posts. 

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Synonyms of "Preferred" in Spanish

Here are some synonyms of "preferido" in Spanish, along with their meanings:

  • Escogido (IPA: /es.koˈxi.ðo/): Chosen. Selected or picked out as the favorite or preferred option.
  • Favorito (IPA: /fa.voˈɾ Favorite. Regarded or treated with special preference or affection; most liked or preferred.
  • Predilecto (IPA: /pɾe.ðiˈ Beloved. Held or regarded with special favor or preference; deeply loved or cherished.
  • Preselecto (IPA: /pɾe.seˈ Preselected. Prechosen or picked in advance as the preferred or favored option.
  • Elegido (IPA: /e.leˈxi.ðo/): Elect. Chosen or selected, often through a process of deliberation or voting, as the preferred or favored candidate or option.
  • Optado (IPA: /opˈta.ðo/): Opted for. Chosen or selected as the preferred or favored choice among available alternatives.
  • Predeterminado (IPA: /pɾɾ.miˈna.ðo/): Predetermined. Set or established in advance as the preferred or favored option, often through previous decision or planning.
  • Prevalente (IPA: /pɾe.βaˈlen.te/): Prevalent. Widely accepted or favored; existing or occurring more commonly than other options.
  • Privilegiado (IPA: /pɾi.βi.leˈxja.ðo/): Privileged. Afforded special treatment or advantages; enjoying a favored status or position.
  • Predispuesto (IPA: /pɾe.disˈpwe.sto/): Predisposed. Inclined or inclined in advance toward a particular option or choice; having a preexisting preference or bias.

How to Say "Preferred" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "preferred" in Spanish:

  • El plato preferido de mi abuela es la paella.

(My grandmother's preferred dish is paella.)

  • Mi canción preferida de este álbum es la última.

(My preferred song from this album is the last one.)

  • El método de estudio preferido de María es hacer resúmenes.

(Maria's preferred study method is making summaries.)

  • El equipo preferido de Juan es el Barcelona.

(Juan's preferred team is Barcelona.)

  • El sistema operativo preferido por los diseñadores es Mac.

(The preferred operating system for designers is Mac.)

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Regional References

While the terms "preferido" and "preferente" are widely understood and used throughout the Spanish-speaking world, it is worth noting that there may be regional variations and preferences. For example, in some Latin American countries, such as Mexico and Argentina, the term "favorito" is also commonly used to convey the meaning of "preferred" or "favorite."


Having the right vocabulary to express preferences in Spanish is vital for effective communication. In this article, we explored the translation and nuances of the adjective "preferred" in Spanish, highlighting the words "preferido" and "preferente." We provided sample sentences to illustrate their usage and offered synonyms and regional references to enhance your understanding. Remember, language is dynamic, and regional variations may exist, so it is always beneficial to adapt your vocabulary to the specific context. ¡Buena suerte!

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