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How To Say "Period" In Spanish

In this article, we will explore how to say "period" in Spanish, providing the meaning, translation, and regional variations of this common term. Whether you are learning Spanish or simply curious about linguistic differences, we have got you covered!

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What is "Period" in Spanish?

The term "period" in English refers to a punctuation mark (.) and also signifies a menstrual cycle. In Spanish, the word "period" can have different translations depending on the context. Let us delve into the meanings and translations of this term in Spanish.

Meaning of "Period" in Spanish

In Spanish, the word for "period" depends on the specific meaning we are referring to. Here are the different translations:

  • Period: Punto (IPA: /ˈpunto/)
  • Period: Período (IPA: /peˈɾjo.ðo/)

The definitions of "punto" which mean the same thing as "period" in English are the following:

  • A Graphic feature overwritten on the lowercase i and j, and forming part of these letters.
  • A spelling sign (.) whose main use is to mark the end of a statement, paragraph or text, as well as to mark the end of abbreviations. It is also used as a separator in numerical expressions such as times and dates.
  • A sign equal to the spelling used to separate the integer part from the decimal part in numerical expressions.

These are the meanings for "período":

  • The time it takes for something to return to the state or position it had at the beginning.
  • A space of time that includes the entire duration of something.
  • Menstruum of women and of the females of certain animals.
  • Cycle of time. 
  • The time taken by a periodic phenomenon to go through all its phases.
  • A sentence structure, usually bimembered, consisting of a main sentence and a subordinate sentence.
  • A digit or group of digits repeated indefinitely, after the integer quotient, in inexact divisions.
  • The time that certain phenomena observed in the course of illnesses last.

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How to Say "Period" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "period" in Spanish:

  • Estoy teniendo mi período ahora mismo.

(I'm experiencing my period right now.) 

  • Ella utiliza una aplicación para rastrear su ciclo menstrual.

(She uses a period tracker to monitor her menstrual cycle.) 

  • El profesor me puso una nota baja porque olvidé poner un punto al final de mi ensayo.

(The teacher gave me a low grade because I forgot to include a period at the end of my essay.) 

  • Durante este período, nos enfocaremos en aprender gramática.

(During this period, we will focus on learning grammar.) 

  • Mi hermana tiene fuertes cólicos durante su período.

(My sister experiences severe cramps during her period.)

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Now you know how to say "period" in Spanish, both as a punctuation mark and in the context of a menstrual cycle —do not forget that there are other meanings for this word. Remember that regional variations exist, and it is important to use the appropriate term based on the Spanish-speaking country or region you are in. Expand your vocabulary and communicate effectively in Spanish!

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