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How To Say "Open" In Spanish

If you are looking to learn how to say open in Spanish, you have come to the right place. Whether you are traveling to a Spanish-speaking country or simply want to expand your language skills, knowing how to say open in Spanish can be incredibly useful.

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What is Open in Spanish?

The word "open" in Spanish can be translated as "abierto" (IPA: /a.ˈbjeɾ.to/) or "abierta" (IPA: /a.ˈbjeɾ.ta/), depending on the gender of the noun it is modifying. For example, door in Spanish is puerta (IPA: /ˈpweɾ.ta/), which is a feminine noun, so you would say puerta abierta to mean open door. On the other hand, window in Spanish is ventana (IPA: /ben.ˈ, which is a masculine noun, so you would say ventana abierta to mean open window.

Meaning of Open in Spanish

The word "abierto" in Spanish can refer to a variety of meanings, including:

  • Open: Not closed or shut
  • Available: Accessible for use or purchase
  • Honest: Candid or transparent
  • Unoccupied: Not currently occupied

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Regional Differences

As with any language, there can be some regional differences in the way "open" is used in Spanish. For example, in some parts of Spain, the word "abierto" can also be used to mean "friendly" or "welcoming". Similarly, in some Latin American countries, "abierto" can also mean "outgoing" or "extroverted".

In addition, some Spanish-speaking countries may have their own unique words for "open". For example, in Mexico, "open" can be translated as desocupado (IPA: /des.o.ku.ˈpa.ðo/) or disponible (IPA: /dis.po.ˈni.βle/) depending on the context. 

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How to Say "Open" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "open" in Spanish:

  • La puerta está abierta.

(The door is open.)

  • ¿Tienes un horario abierto mañana?

(Do you have an open schedule tomorrow?)

  • Siempre me ha gustado su actitud abierta y honesta.

(I've always liked their open and honest attitude.)

  • La casa está abierta, si quieres pasar.

(The house is open, if you want to come in.)

  • Queremos crear un ambiente abierto y acogedor para todos.

(We want to create an open and welcoming environment for everyone.)


Learning how to say "open" in Spanish is a useful skill for anyone who wants to communicate effectively in Spanish-speaking countries or with Spanish-speaking people. Whether you are traveling or simply want to expand your language skills, knowing how to say "open" in Spanish can help you navigate a variety of situations. Remember, the most common words for "open" in Spanish are "abierto" and "abierta", and there can be regional differences in the way the word is used. With practice and exposure to the language, you will soon be able to use "open" in Spanish with ease.

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