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How To Say "Narcissism" In Spanish

If you have ever wanted to discuss the intriguing concept of narcissism in Spanish, you might be curious about how to accurately express this term. Understanding the translation, pronunciation, and meaning of "narcissism" in Spanish can be a valuable linguistic skill, whether you are exploring psychology, literature, or simply engaging in everyday conversations. In this article, we will dive into the Spanish counterpart for "narcissism," providing sample sentences to help you practice.

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What is "Narcissism" in Spanish?

Before delving into the pronunciation and meaning, let us first uncover the Spanish translation for "narcissism." In the Spanish language, "narcissism" is commonly expressed as narcisismo (IPA: /ˈ This term closely resembles its English counterpart, making it relatively easy to remember for those familiar with the English term.

Meaning of "Narcissism" in Spanish

"Narcisismo" in Spanish refers to the psychological concept of excessive self-love or self-admiration, often to the detriment of others. It is associated with a personality trait characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance and an insatiable need for admiration and attention.

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How to Say "Narcissism" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "narcissism" in Spanish:

  • El narcisismo es un tema recurrente en la psicología moderna.

(Narcissism is a recurring theme in modern psychology.)

  • Su narcisismo extremo lo hace incapaz de considerar las necesidades de los demás.

(His extreme narcissism makes him incapable of considering the needs of others.)

  • La novela explora el narcisismo de la protagonista de una manera profunda.

(The novel explores the protagonist's narcissism in a profound way.)

  • El narcisismo puede tener un impacto negativo en las relaciones personales.

(Narcissism can have a negative impact on personal relationships.)

  • Es esencial abordar el narcisismo desde una perspectiva terapéutica.

(It's essential to address narcissism from a therapeutic perspective.)

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Knowing how to say the term "narcissism" in Spanish is a valuable skill for anyone interested in psychology, literature, or engaging in conversations within Spanish-speaking communities. The Spanish equivalent for "narcissism" is "narcisismo." This term holds a consistent meaning across most Spanish-speaking regions, making it a universal concept in the Spanish language.

Whether you are discussing psychological theories or analyzing literary works, "narcisismo" is a term that will serve you well. Armed with the knowledge of how to say and use "narcisismo" in Spanish, you are now better equipped to engage in meaningful conversations and explore the multifaceted world of narcissism in the Spanish-speaking realm. So go ahead, share your insights, and enrich your language skills with this essential term.

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