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How To Say Movie In Spanish

If you are a movie lover or a Spanish language learner, knowing how to say movie in Spanish is a must. In this article, we will explore the different ways to say movie in Spanish, including regional differences and sample sentences.

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What is "Movie" in Spanish?

The word "movie" in Spanish is "película" (IPA: /peˈ In some Spanish-speaking regions, the word "cine" is also used to refer to a movie.

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Meaning of "Movie" in Spanish

The word "película" in Spanish refers to a film or movie, usually shown in a cinema or on television. It can also refer to the actual physical filmstrip or tape that contains the images and sound of the movie.

Translating "Movie" to Spanish

The English word "movie" can be translated to Spanish as "película". Other translations include "cinta" (tape) (IPA: /ˈθinta/) or "filme" (film) (IPA: /ˈfilmɛ/), but "película" is the most commonly used term.

Regional Differences 

While "película" is the most commonly used term for movie in Spanish, there are some regional differences in how the word is used. For example, in some Latin American countries, the word "cine" is more commonly used to refer to a movie theater or cinema. In Spain, the word "cine" is also used but "película" is more commonly used.

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How to Say Movie in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences on how to say "movie" in Spanish:

  • ¿Quieres ver una película esta noche?

(Do you want to watch a movie tonight?)

  • ¿Qué película te gustaría ver?

(What movie would you like to watch?)

  • La película fue muy emocionante.

(The movie was very exciting.)

  • ¿Dónde puedo comprar boletos para la película?

(Where can I buy tickets for the movie?)

  • Me encanta ir al cine y ver películas en la pantalla grande.

    (I love going to the cinema and watching movies on the big screen.)


In conclusion, the word for movie in Spanish is "película" and it is the most commonly used term throughout the Spanish-speaking world. While there are some regional differences in the use of the word, it is generally understood by all Spanish speakers. So next time you are in a Spanish-speaking country and want to catch a movie, just ask for una película!

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