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How To Say "Medium" In Spanish

When learning a new language, it is essential to understand how to express various concepts accurately. This article will explore how to say "medium" in Spanish, uncovering its meaning, translations, and regional variations. Whether you are a language enthusiast or preparing for a trip to a Spanish-speaking country, this guide will help you expand your vocabulary.

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What is "Medium" in Spanish?

In Spanish, the word "medium" translates to medio (IPA: /ˈme.ðjo/). However, it is worth noting that depending on the context, other translations are also commonly used. Let us delve into the various meanings and regional references associated with the word.

Meaning of "Medium" in Spanish

Size or Quantity: In general terms, when referring to a medium size or quantity, the word "medio" is often used. For example:

  • Quiero una pizza de tamaño medio. (I want a medium-sized pizza.)
  • Bebe medio vaso de agua. (Drink half a glass of water.)

Psychic Abilities: In the context of paranormal or spiritual matters, the word "medium" refers to a person who can communicate with the spirit world. In Spanish, this is translated as "medium." For instance:

  • La vidente actúa como medium en la sesión espiritista. (The psychic acts as a medium during the séance.)

Mass Media: When discussing mass communication channels like television, radio, or newspapers, the Spanish word "medio" is commonly used. For example:

  • Me informo a través de varios medios de comunicación. (I get informed through various media channels.)
  • Los medios de comunicación informaron sobre el incidente. (The media reported on the incident.)

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How to Say "Medium" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "medium" in Spanish:

  • Puedo usar tu camisa de manga media?

(Can I wear your half-sleeve shirt?)

  • ¿Podría traerme un café con leche de tamaño medio, por favor?

(Could you bring me a medium-sized latte, please?)

  • El artista usa diferentes medios para expresar su creatividad.

(The artist uses different mediums to express their creativity.)

  • El vidente me dijo que soy un medium potencial.

(The psychic told me I'm a potential medium.)

  • Me gustaría comprar un libro en formato medio.

(I would like to buy a book in medium format.)

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Mastering the translations and regional variations of words is crucial for effective communication in any language. In this article, we have explored how to say "medium" in Spanish, covering its primary translation as "medio" and additional variations based on context and regions. By expanding your vocabulary, you can navigate Spanish-speaking environments with confidence and better understand cultural nuances. Happy language learning!

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