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How To Say Kitchen In Spanish

If you are learning Spanish or planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country, it is essential to know the basic vocabulary related to everyday life, such as words related to food and cooking. One of the essential words in this context is "kitchen". In this article, we will explore the different ways to say "kitchen" in Spanish and provide useful examples to help you improve your vocabulary.

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What is "Kitchen" in Spanish?

The Spanish language has several words to refer to the concept of "kitchen", and the most common ones are:

  • Cocina (IPA: /koˈθina/): This is the most widespread term for "kitchen" in Spanish, and it is used in most Spanish-speaking countries. However, it is worth mentioning that the word "cocina" can also refer to the act of cooking and the room where the cooking takes place.
  • Cocinero (IPA: /koθiˈneɾo/): This is the Spanish word for "cook", but it can also refer to the kitchen as a workplace or a professional field. In some countries, such as Mexico, "cocinero" is more common than "cocina" to refer to the physical space where cooking takes place.
  • Estufa (IPA: /esˈtufa/): This word is more specific than "cocina" and refers to the cooking stove or range. In some countries, such as Mexico, "estufa" can also refer to the oven.
  • Fogón (IPA: /foˈɣon/): This term is commonly used in some Latin American countries, such as Colombia and Venezuela, to refer to the traditional cooking stove that uses wood or charcoal. However, it is not as widespread as "cocina".
  • Comedor (IPA: /ko.meˈðoɾ/): This word translates to "dining room", but in some Latin American countries, such as Mexico, it is also used to refer to the kitchen.

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Meaning of "Kitchen" in Spanish

The word "kitchen" in Spanish is "cocina", pronounced as "koh-SEE-nah" in Latin American Spanish and "koh-THEE-nah" in Spain. In Spanish, "cocina" refers to both the room where food is prepared and the act of cooking.

Translating “Kitchen” to Spanish

To translate "kitchen" to Spanish, you can use the following phrases:

  • Cocina (IPA: /koˈθina/): Kitchen (general)
  • Cocina americana (IPA: /koˈθina ameɾiˈkana/): The American kitchen (referring to an open-plan kitchen that is integrated with the living room)
  • Cocina de gas (IPA: /koˈθina de ɣas/): The gas kitchen (referring to a kitchen that uses a gas stove)
  • Cocina eléctrica (IPA: /koˈθina eˈlektriɣa/): The electric kitchen (referring to a kitchen that uses an electric stove)

Regional Differences

Like many words in Spanish, "cocina" has regional variations. In some parts of Latin America, "cocina" may be replaced with "cucina" (IPA: /kuˈsina/), pronounced as "koo-SEE-nah," or "cociña" (IPA: /koˈθiɲa/), pronounced as "koh-SEE-nyah" in Galician, a language spoken in Spain's northwestern region of Galicia.


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How to Say Kitchen in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences on how to say "Kitchen" in Spanish:

  • ¿Dónde está la cocina?

(Where is the kitchen?)

  • Me gusta cocinar en mi cocina.

(I like to cook in my kitchen.)

  • ¿Puedes lavar los platos en la cocina, por favor?

(Can you wash the dishes in the kitchen, please?)

  • Hay un olor extraño en la cocina.

(There is a strange smell in the kitchen.)

  • El horno de la cocina no funciona.

(The oven in the kitchen is not working.)


In conclusion, knowing how to say "kitchen" in Spanish is a fundamental part of learning the language. Understanding the regional differences and variations can also enhance your language skills and cultural knowledge. So, whether you are cooking a Spanish recipe or traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, knowing the Spanish word for kitchen will come in handy.

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