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How To Say "Interviewable" In Spanish

When it comes to language, the bridges we build between cultures are fascinating and essential. In the realm of linguistics, one often encounters words that do not have an exact counterpart in another language. One such word is "interviewable," an adjective that describes someone who is suitable or eligible for an interview. In this article, we will explore how to express this concept in Spanish, including its meaning and usage.

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What is "Interviewable" in Spanish?

In Spanish, the term "interviewable" can be conveyed through the word entrevistable (IPA: /entɾeβisˈtaβle/). This term encapsulates the essence of being suitable for an interview. It is a combination of "entrevista" ("interview") and the suffix "-able," which indicates capability or suitability.

Meaning of "Interviewable" in Spanish

The English adjective "interviewable" is a term often used in professional contexts to describe an individual who possesses the qualities or qualifications necessary for being interviewed for a job, project, or other opportunities. It reflects the idea that the person's attributes, skills, and experiences align with the requirements of the interview process. The Spanish word "entrevistable" conveys the same meaning. In particular contexts, Spanish people do not use this word, but entrevistado (IPA: /entɾeβisˈtaðo/), which means "interviewed."

—Other noun, verb, and adjective forms of "interviewable" (interview, to interview, interviewed) are analyzed in other blog posts.

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How to Say "Interviewable" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "interviewable" in Spanish:

  • Ella tiene la experiencia y las habilidades necesarias para ser entrevistada en cualquier industria.

(She has the experience and skills necessary to be interviewable in any industry.)

  • Los aspirantes con formación relevante son más entrevistables para el comité de selección.

(Applicants with relevant education are more interviewable for the selection committee.)

  • Su carisma y conocimiento del tema la convierten en una persona que puede ser entrevistada en programas de televisión.

(Her charisma and knowledge of the subject make her an interviewable person on television programs.)

  • La empresa busca perfiles de personas entrevistables que puedan comunicar eficazmente la visión de la compañía.

(The company is looking for interviewable profiles that can effectively communicate the company's vision.)

  • Con su enfoque profesional y actitud positiva, ella claramente puede ser entrevistada para el puesto directivo.

(With her professional approach and positive attitude, she is clearly interviewable for the managerial position.)

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Language is a bridge that connects people and cultures, allowing us to express complex concepts and ideas. While certain words might not have direct translations, the term "interviewable" can be effectively conveyed in Spanish through the word "entrevistable". Its formation combines "entrevista" with the "-able" suffix, capturing the essence of being suitable for an interview. Whether discussing singular or plural instances, this term is understood across various Spanish-speaking regions, with potential minor regional variations. As language continues to evolve, the ability to communicate nuanced concepts such as "interviewable" demonstrates the richness of linguistic diversity.

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