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How To Say "Incredible" In Spanish

Learning how to say "incredible" in Spanish opens up a world of opportunities to express astonishment, wonder, and admiration. As a widely spoken language with various alternative synonyms, Spanish offers different terms to convey the sense of "incredible." In this article, we will explore the main word for "incredible" in Spanish, discuss its meaning, and provide five sample sentences to help you master its usage effectively.

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What is "Incredible" in Spanish?

The primary translation for "incredible" in Spanish is increíble (IPA: /in.kɾeˈi.βle/). This is a versatile adjective that encompasses awe, marvel, and disbelief. The word "increíble" derives from the Latin term "increbilis," which means "unbelievable" or "extraordinary." In Spanish-speaking regions worldwide, "increíble" is universally understood and accepted, making it an essential term for expressing astonishment and admiration.

Meaning of "Incredible" in Spanish

When using "increíble" in Spanish, you can convey various nuances and emotions, including:

  • Astonishment: Use "increíble" to express surprise and wonder at something unexpected or astounding. For instance: El mago hizo un truco de cartas increíble. (The magician performed an incredible card trick.)
  • Amazement: Describe something remarkable or astonishing with "increíble" to showcase admiration. For instance: El atardecer en la playa fue increíble. (The sunset at the beach was incredible.)
  • Unbelievable: Employ "increíble" to express doubt or skepticism about something that appears too extraordinary to be true. For instance: ¡Sus habilidades lingüísticas son increíbles! (His language skills are unbelievable!)

Synonyms of "Incredible" in Spanish

Here are some synonyms of "increíble" in Spanish, along with their meanings:

  • Asombroso (IPA: /asomˈbroso/): Extraordinary, surprising, or impressive.
  • Sorprendente (IPA: /sorprenˈdente/): Causing surprise or admiration.
  • Impresionante (IPA: /impre.sjoˈnante/): Producing a strong impression or impact.
  • Fenomenal (IPA: /feno.meˈnal/): Something that is out of the ordinary or extraordinary.
  • Estupendo (IPA: /es.tuˈ Very good or wonderful.
  • Deslumbrante (IPA: /des.lumˈbɾan.te/): Causing admiration or surprise due to its brilliance or beauty.
  • Sensacional (IPA: /sen.saˈθjo.nal/): Worthy of great admiration or enthusiasm.
  • Maravilloso (IPA: /maɾaˈβiʎoso/): Causing astonishment or admiration due to its excellence or beauty.
  • Genial (IPA: /xeˈnjal/): Something that is extremely good, pleasant, or impressive.

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How to Say "Incredible" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "incredible" in Spanish:

  • ¡El paisaje en Machu Picchu es increíble!

(The scenery at Machu Picchu is incredible!)

  • La presentación de baile fue simplemente increíble.

(The dance performance was simply incredible.)

  • Sus habilidades matemáticas son increíbles; siempre resuelve los problemas más difíciles.

(His math skills are incredible; he always solves the most challenging problems.)

  • El museo de arte moderno tiene una colección increíble de obras maestras.

(The modern art museum has an incredible collection of masterpieces.)

  • Me contó una historia increíble sobre su viaje a la selva amazónica.

(He told me an incredible story about his journey to the Amazon rainforest.)

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Mastering how to say "incredible" in Spanish will allow you to express astonishment, wonder, and admiration in various situations. This versatile word is understood and embraced across the Spanish-speaking world, making it a valuable addition to your vocabulary. Embrace the richness of the Spanish language and practice incorporating "increíble" into your conversations to convey your amazement effectively.

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