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How To Say "How Do You Say" In Spanish

Learning a new language can be challenging, especially when it comes to asking how to say a particular phrase or word. If you are looking to learn Spanish, you may have wondered how to say "how do you say" in Spanish. In this article, we will explore the meaning of "how do you say" in Spanish, its translations, and some tips on how to use it correctly.

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What is "How Do You Say" in Spanish?

The phrase "how do you say" in Spanish is "cómo se dice" (IPA: /ˈ se ˈð The word "cómo" means "how", "se" is the reflexive pronoun for "you", and "dice" means "say". So when asking how to say something in Spanish, you can use this phrase to initiate a conversation.

Meaning of "How Do You Say" in Spanish

"Cómo se dice" is a phrase commonly used to ask for the correct pronunciation of a word or phrase in Spanish. It is a crucial phrase to learn, especially if you are traveling to a Spanish-speaking country or trying to communicate with Spanish speakers.

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Regional Differences

It is worth noting that there are some regional differences when it comes to Spanish pronunciation and vocabulary. In some countries, certain words may be pronounced differently, or entirely different words may be used to describe the same thing. This is why it is essential to learn from a variety of sources and dialects to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the language.

Tips On Using "Cómo Se Dice"

When using the phrase "cómo se dice" in Spanish, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Start with a polite greeting, such as "Hola" (Hello) or Buenos días/tardes/noches" (Good morning/afternoon/evening).
  • Use the phrase "cómo se dice" followed by the word or phrase you want to learn.
  • If you are unsure of the pronunciation, ask the person to say it slowly or repeat it a few times.
  • If you are still having trouble with the pronunciation, ask the person to write it down or show you how to spell it.
  • Practice saying the word or phrase yourself, and ask the person to correct you if you are not saying it correctly.

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How to Say "How Do You Say" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "how do you say" in Spanish:

  • ¿Cómo se dice "hola" en francés?

(How do you say "hello" in French?)

  • No entiendo, ¿puedes decirme cómo se dice "adiós" otra vez?

(I don't understand, can you tell me how to say "goodbye" again?)

  • ¿Cómo se dice "yo te amo" en griego?

(How do you say "I love you" in Greek?)

  • Necesito saber cómo se dice "agua" en italiano.

(I need to know how to say "water" in Italian.)

  • ¿Puedes decirme cómo se dice "gracias" en alemán?

(Can you tell me how to say "thank you" in German?)


In conclusion, "cómo se dice" is a crucial phrase to learn when starting to learn Spanish. It is a polite and effective way to ask for help with pronunciation and learn new vocabulary. Remember to keep in mind any regional differences and practice your pronunciation regularly to improve your Spanish-speaking skills.

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