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How To Say Hot In Spanish

Are you looking to learn how to say "hot" in Spanish? Maybe you are planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country and want to be able to communicate effectively. Whatever the reason, learning how to say "hot" in Spanish is a useful and important skill to have. In this article, we will explore the meaning of "hot" in Spanish, its different translations in different Spanish-speaking regions, and provide you with some helpful phrases to use when traveling.

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What is "Hot" in Spanish?

The word for "hot" in Spanish is "caliente" (IPA: /ka'ljente/). This is the most common translation and is used in most Spanish-speaking regions. However, there are some variations in different countries and regions.

For example, in Mexico, the word "cálido" (IPA: /'kaliðo/) is sometimes used to mean "hot" in terms of temperature. In Spain, the word "ardiente" (IPA: /ar'djente/) is sometimes used to mean "hot" in a more sensual or romantic sense.

Meaning of "Hot" in Spanish

In addition to its literal meaning of high temperature, "caliente" can also be used in a figurative sense to mean "spicy" or "sexy". Here are some examples:

  • Este chile es muy caliente.

(This chili is very spicy.)

  • Esa modelo es muy caliente.

(That model is very sexy.)

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Translating "Hot" to Spanish

If you want to say "hot" in Spanish, simply use the word "caliente". Here are some examples:

  • Hace mucho calor hoy.

(It's very hot today.)

  • Me quemé con el agua caliente.

(I burned myself with the hot water.)

Regional Differences

As mentioned earlier, there are some regional differences in the use of the word "hot" in Spanish. Here are some examples:

  • In Mexico, "cálido" is sometimes used to mean "hot" in terms of temperature.
  • In Spain, "ardiente" is sometimes used to mean "hot" in a more sensual or romantic sense.


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Sample Sentences on How to Say "Hot" in Spanish

Here are five Spanish to English sample sentences to help you learn how to say "Hot" in Spanish:

  • El café está caliente.
  • (The coffee is hot.)

  • La cena está muy picante.
  • (The dinner is very spicy.)

  • Hace mucho calor hoy.
  • (It's very hot today.)

  • Me gusta el clima ardiente del verano.
  • (I like the hot weather of summer.)

  • El sol está quemante hoy.
  • (The sun is burning today.)


In summary, understanding the different translations of "hot" in Spanish is crucial for effective communication in Spanish-speaking countries. While "caliente" is the most commonly used translation, it is important to consider the context and regional differences. Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you can master the meaning of "hot" in Spanish and use it accurately in your conversations.

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