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How To Say "Hobbies" In Spanish

If you are a language enthusiast or planning to travel to a Spanish-speaking country, learning how to say common English words in Spanish is essential. One such word is "hobbies." In this article, we will explore the various ways to say "hobbies" in Spanish, its meaning, and regional references.

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What is "Hobbies" in Spanish?

In Spanish, the word "hobbies" translates to pasatiempos (IPA: /pasatjempɔs/). This term refers to the activities or pastimes that individuals engage in for pleasure, relaxation, or leisure. Its singular form is pasatiempo (hobby).

Knowing how to express this word in Spanish can help you connect with native speakers and share your interests. Some spanish speakers use the terms hobbies and hobby theirselves as neologisms. 

Meaning of "Hobbies" in Spanish

"Pasatiempos" encompasses a broad range of activities, hobbies, and interests that people pursue during their free time. It includes anything from artistic pursuits to physical activities and intellectual hobbies. Spanish-speaking countries boast diverse cultures, and the hobbies people engage in might vary across regions. Let us explore some common hobbies expressed in Spanish:

  • Deportes (IPA: /depɔrtes/) - Sports 
  • Pintura (IPA: /pinˈtuɾa/) - Painting 
  • Lectura (IPA: /lekˈtuɾa/) - Reading
  • Bailar (IPA: /baiˈlaɾ/) - Dancing
  • Jardinería (IPA: /xaɾðineˈɾi.a/) - Gardening 

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Regional References

Different Spanish-speaking countries might have unique terms or variations for "hobbies" based on their cultural influences. Here are some regional references:

  • In Mexico, you might come across the term aficiones (IPA: /afiˈsjonɛs/), which is used interchangeably with "pasatiempos" but leans more towards hobbies as personal interests and passions.
  • In Argentina, some people use the term entretenimientos (IPA: entɾetenimiˈentos/) to refer to hobbies, which emphasizes the aspect of entertainment and amusement.

How to Say "Hobbies" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "hobbies" in Spanish:

  • Mi pasatiempo favorito es jugar al fútbol.

(My favorite hobby is playing soccer.)

  • ¿Cuáles son tus aficiones preferidas?

(What are your favorite hobbies?)

  • A mi amigo le gusta la pintura y siempre crea obras maravillosas.

(My friend enjoys painting and always creates wonderful artworks.)

  • Ella encuentra relajante la lectura de libros interesantes.

(She finds reading interesting books relaxing.)

  • En las fiestas latinas, nada es más divertido que bailar salsa.

(At Latin parties, nothing is more fun than dancing salsa.)

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Mastering the translation of common English words like "hobbies" into Spanish, such as "pasatiempos", is vital for effective communication and connecting with Spanish-speaking individuals. Remember that regional variations in terminology might exist, so it is always exciting to explore and learn about the linguistic diversity across Spanish-speaking countries. Whether you enjoy sports, painting, reading, dancing, or gardening, embracing hobbies brings joy and fulfillment to life, no matter the language you speak. So, practice these terms, engage with native speakers, and dive into the vibrant world of hobbies in Spanish!

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