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How To Say "Hallway" In Spanish

Are you looking to expand your Spanish vocabulary? If so, knowing how to say "hallway" in Spanish is a great place to start. In this article, we will explore different ways to express this word, along with its regional variations and additional information that will enrich your understanding. So, let us dive in and discover the fascinating world of Spanish vocabulary!

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What is "Hallway" in Spanish?

The word "hallway" can be translated into Spanish using various terms. The most common ones include pasillo (IPA: /pa.ˈsi.ʎo/), corredor (IPA: /ko.ˈre.ðor/), and vestíbulo (IPA: /ves.ˈti.bu.lo/)

Meaning of "Hallway" in Spanish

Now that we know the primary translations of "hallway" in Spanish, let us delve into their meanings and usage.

  • Pasillo: The term "pasillo" refers to a long, narrow space that connects rooms or provides access to different areas within a building. It is commonly found in houses, apartments, schools, and office buildings.
  • Corredor: Similar to "pasillo," "corredor" is also used to describe a hallway. However, it can have a broader meaning, extending to larger corridors or passages in public spaces, such as museums, hotels, or train stations.
  • Vestíbulo: "Vestíbulo" primarily refers to an entrance hall or lobby in a building. While it can be used to describe a hallway leading to other rooms, its usage often emphasizes the area where people enter a specific location.

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How to Say "Hallway" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "hallway" in Spanish:

  • Por favor, camina por el pasillo hasta llegar a la sala de reuniones.

(Please walk down the hallway until you reach the meeting room.)

  • El corredor principal del museo alberga obras de arte contemporáneo.

(The main hallway of the museum houses contemporary artworks.)

  • Puedes esperar en el vestíbulo mientras preparo la habitación para ti.

(You can wait in the lobby while I prepare the room for you.)

  • El pasillo de mi casa tiene muchas fotografías familiares en las paredes.

(The hallway of my house has many family photographs on the walls.)

  • El corredor de la estación de tren estaba lleno de gente apresurada.

(The train station hallway was crowded with hurried people.)

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Learning how to say "hallway" in Spanish opens up new opportunities for effective communication. By understanding the various translations and regional variations, you can express yourself accurately across Spanish-speaking communities. Whether you use "pasillo," "corredor," or "vestíbulo," you will be able to navigate through buildings and describe these spaces with confidence. So, take the knowledge you have gained here and continue expanding your Spanish vocabulary to embark on even more exciting language adventures!

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