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How To Say "Give" In Spanish

Are you curious how to express "give" in Spanish? Whether you are planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country or simply expanding your language skills, learning how to say "give" is an essential part of communication. In this article, we will explore various translations, meanings, and regional variations of the word "give" in Spanish, providing you with the tools to express this concept accurately.

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What is "Give" in Spanish?

"Give" is commonly translated as dar (IPA: /daɾ/) in Spanish. This verb encapsulates the action of giving or granting something to someone else. It is used mainly to express acts of generosity, sharing, and providing. 

Meaning of "Give" in Spanish

The Spanish word "dar" carries a broad range of meanings and usages:

1. To donate.

2. To give.

3. To offer material for something: Dar materia para una composición. (To give subject matter for a composition.)

4. To confer, to provide someone with a job or office: Le dieron el trabajo de profesor asociado. (He was given the associate professor position.)

5. To order, to apply.

6. To grant, to bestow. 

7. To suppose, declare, consider: La dieron por muerta. (They took her for dead.)  

Some of the key interpretations of "dar" include:

  • To give a physical object or gift to someone: When you want to express the act of giving something to another person, you can use "dar" in Spanish. For example, "le di un libro a mi hermano" translates to "I gave my brother a book."

  • To provide or offer assistance: In Spanish, "dar" can also convey the idea of giving help or support. For instance, "mi maestra me da consejos" means "my teacher gives me advice."

  • To yield or surrender: "Dar" can be used to express the act of giving in terms of yielding or surrendering, such as in the sentence "decidí darle la razón" meaning "I decided to give in and agree with him/her."


Usage of "Give" in Spanish

The verb "dar" is versatile and can be employed in various situations. Here are a few common uses of "dar" in Spanish:

  • Giving objects: Le doy el lápiz. (I give him/her the pencil.) 
  • Giving instructions: Dale un abrazo. (Give him/her a hug.) 
  • Giving advice: Dame un consejo. (Give me advice.) 
  • Giving permission: Dadme permiso. (Give me permission.) 
  • Giving compliments: Le dio un cumplido. (He/she gave him/her a compliment.) 
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How to Say "Give" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "give" in Spanish:

  • ¿Puedes darme esa pluma?

(Can you give me that pen?)

  • Dale el regalo a tu madre.

(Give the gift to your mother.)

  • Él me dio un abrazo.

(He gave me a hug.)

  • Damos dinero a organizaciones benéficas.

(We give money to charities.)

  • Dan consejos útiles en este libro.

(They give useful advice in this book.)

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Mastering the translation and usage of "give" in Spanish, represented by the verb "dar," is an essential step towards effective communication in the Spanish language. From offering gifts and assistance to yielding or surrendering, "dar" encompasses a wide array of meanings and contexts. It is important to note that regional variations exist within Spanish-speaking countries, leading to slight differences in expressions. However, understanding the core translation of "give" as "dar" will provide you with a solid foundation to communicate your intentions accurately.

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