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How To Say "Delicious" In Spanish

If you are a food lover, you know the importance of describing the taste of a dish. Whether you are traveling to a Spanish-speaking country or simply want to impress your Spanish-speaking friends, it is important to know how to say delicious in Spanish.

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What is "Delicious" in Spanish?

The word "delicious" in Spanish is "delicioso" (IPA: /de.liˈsjoso/) or "rico" (IPA: /ˈriko/), which means "tasty" or "flavorful". Both words are commonly used in Spanish-speaking countries, but there are some regional differences in usage.

In Spain, "rico" is used more often than "delicioso", while in Latin America, both words are commonly used. Additionally, in some Latin American countries, such as Mexico and the Caribbean, the word sabroso (IPA: /sa.ˈβro.so/) is also used to mean "delicious".

Meaning of "Delicious" in Spanish

The word "delicioso" implies that food and drink are pleasing to the taste buds and have a good flavor. It can be used to describe anything from a well-cooked steak to a sweet dessert. It is an expression of pleasure and enjoyment when eating or drinking something.

Other words that can be used to describe food in Spanish include:

  • Rico: Tasty, rich
  • Sabroso: Flavorful, savory
  • Exquisito (IPA: /ek.si.ˈsi.to/): Exquisite, delightful
  • Sabrosón (IPA: /sa.βro.ˈson/): Delicious 

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Regional Differences

As previously mentioned, there are some regional differences in the usage of words for "delicious" in Spanish. Here are some examples:

  • In Spain, the word "rico" is used more often than "delicioso".
  • In Mexico and the Caribbean, the word "sabroso" is commonly used to mean "delicious".
  • In some South American countries, such as Colombia and Venezuela, the word "rico" can also mean "rich" or "wealthy", so it is important to use it in context.

How to Say "Delicious" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "delicious" in Spanish:

  • Esta paella está deliciosa.

(This paella is delicious.)

  • ¿Has probado esta sopa? Es muy rica.

(Have you tried this soup? It's very tasty.)

  • El postre de fresas y crema está delicioso.

(The strawberry and cream dessert is delicious.)

  • Me encanta el sabor de esta salsa. Es sabrosa.

(I love the taste of this sauce. It's delicious.)

  • La comida en este restaurante siempre es deliciosa.

(The food in this restaurant is always delicious.)

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Knowing how to say "delicious" in Spanish is essential for communicating effectively in Spanish-speaking countries and enjoying the local cuisine. The word "delicioso" and "rico" are the most commonly used words for "delicious" in Spanish, with some regional differences in usage. By using the examples and regional differences provided in this article, you will be able to express your pleasure and enjoyment when eating or drinking something in Spanish.

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