How To Say "Cookies" In Spanish

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How To Say "Cookies" In Spanish

Are you trying to communicate about cookies with Spanish speakers, but do not know how to say it in Spanish? Look no further! In this article, we will explore how to say cookies in Spanish, its meaning, and any regional differences you should be aware of.

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What is "Cookies" in Spanish?

The word for cookies in Spanish is "galletas" (IPA: /ɡaˈʎetas/). This term is used in Spain, but it may not be the only word used throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Different Spanish-speaking countries may use other words for cookies, or they may even have different types of cookies that are unique to their culture.

Meaning of "Cookies" in Spanish

In Spanish, "galletas" generally refers to sweet biscuits or cookies that are baked in an oven. However, the term can also be used to refer to crackers or savory biscuits. It is essential to be aware of this distinction if you plan on using this term in different Spanish-speaking countries.

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Regional Differences

As mentioned earlier, "galletas" is commonly used in Spain and many other Spanish-speaking countries. However, other countries may use different words or have unique cookie variations. Here are some examples:

  • In Mexico and other Central American countries, "galletas" is also used, but bizcochos (IPA: /bisˈko.tʃos/) can also be used to refer to cookies or biscuits.
  • In Argentina and Uruguay, galletitas (IPA: /ɡaˈʎetitas/) is the most commonly used term.
  • In Colombia, polvorones (IPA: /polβoˈɾones/) refers to a type of cookie made with flour, butter, and sugar.
  • In Chile, masitas (IPA: /maˈsitas/) is used to refer to small cookies or biscuits.

Related Terms

Here are some additional Spanish words you may come across when talking about cookies, along with their English translations:

  • Rosquillas (IPA: /rosˈkiʎas/): Doughnut-shaped cookies
  • Mantecadas (IPA: /man.teˈka.ðas/): Buttery, crumbly cookies
  • Alfajores (IPA: /al.faˈxo.res/): Sandwich cookies filled with dulce de leche
  • Obleas (IPA: /o.ˈ Thin wafer-like cookies
  • Galletas con chispas de chocolate (IPA: /ɡa.ˈʎe.tas kon ˈtʃis.pas de tʃo.koˈla.te/): Chocolate chip cookies

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How to Say "Cookies" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "cookies" in Spanish:

  • ¿Me puedes dar una galleta, por favor?

(Can you give me a cookie, please?)

  • Compré una caja de galletas para la fiesta.

(I bought a box of cookies for the party.)

  • Mi abuela hace las mejores galletas de avena.

(My grandma makes the best oatmeal cookies.)

  • Las galletas de chocolate son mis favoritas.

(Chocolate cookies are my favorite.)

  • Necesito los ingredientes para hacer galletas de mantequilla.

(I need the ingredients to make butter cookies.)


In conclusion, "galletas" is the most commonly used term for cookies in Spanish, but it is important to be aware of any regional differences when communicating about cookies in different Spanish-speaking countries. Knowing these variations can help you better understand and connect with Spanish-speaking individuals in different parts of the world.

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