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How To Say "Computer" In Spanish

If you are looking to learn how to say computer in Spanish, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explore the various ways to translate "computer" to Spanish, regional differences, and provide sample sentences to help you practice.

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What is "Computer" in Spanish?

In Spanish, the word for computer is "computadora" (IPA: /kompʊtaˈðoɾa/). However, it is worth noting that in some regions, such as Argentina and Uruguay, the word "computadora" is not commonly used, and instead, they use the word "ordenador" (IPA: /oɾðeˈnaðoɾ/). In these regions, "computadora" is still understood, but "ordenador" is preferred.

Meaning of "Walk" in Spanish

The word "computadora" comes from the verb "computar" (IPA: /kompuˈtaɾ/), which means "to compute" or "to calculate". Therefore, the meaning of "computadora" in Spanish refers to an electronic device capable of performing various tasks, such as calculations, data storage, and communication.

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Translating "Computer" to Spanish

If you are looking for alternative ways to say "computer" in Spanish, here are a few options:

  • PC (IPA: /piˈθe/): This abbreviation stands for "Personal Computer" and is commonly used in Spanish.
  • Máquina (IPA: /ˈmakina/): Literally translated as "machine". This word is sometimes used to refer to a computer, especially in Latin America.
  • Equipo (IPA: /eˈkipo/): This word translates to "team" or "equipment" but can also be used to refer to a computer, especially in Spain.

Regional Differences

As mentioned earlier, the word "computadora" is widely used throughout the Spanish-speaking world, but some regions have their own preferred terms. Here are a few examples:

  • In Argentina and Uruguay, "ordenador" is the most commonly used word for computer.
  • In Chile, "computador" is the preferred term.
  • In Mexico, "computadora" is the most commonly used word, but "ordenador" is also understood.
  • In Spain, "ordenador" is the preferred term, but "computadora" and "equipo" are also used.

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How to Say Computer in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "computer" in Spanish:

  • Mi hermana mayor siempre usa su PC para jugar videojuegos.

(My older sister always uses her PC to play video games.)

  • Quiero comprar una computadora nueva.

(I want to buy a new computer.)

  • Mi hermano trabaja en una empresa de tecnología y arregla computadoras.

(My brother works for a technology company and fixes computers.)

  • ¿Puedes prestarme tu computador para hacer mi tarea?

(Can you lend me your computer to do my homework?)

  • No sé cómo usar esta máquina, ¿puedes ayudarme?

(I don't know how to use this machine, can you help me?)


Learning how to say "computer" in Spanish is an essential skill in today's digital age. While "computadora" is the most commonly used term, it is essential to be aware of regional differences and alternative options. By practicing the sample sentences provided and exploring different vocabulary, you will be well on your way to confidently using Spanish to talk about computers.

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