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How To Say "Coat" In Spanish

When traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, it is important to know how to communicate with locals effectively. One common item of clothing that you might need to talk about is a coat. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about how to say "coat" in Spanish, including the meaning, translation, and sample sentences.

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What is "Coat" in Spanish?

The term "coat" is translated to abrigo (IPA: /aˈbɾi.ɣo/) in Spanish.

Meaning of "Coat" in Spanish

Some of the meanings of "abrigo" include:

  • A long garment, open at the front and with sleeves, worn over others when it is cold.
  • A thing that shelters or protects against the cold.

"Abrigo" refers mainly to a garment that is worn over other clothing to provide warmth and protection from the cold weather. It is typically longer and heavier than a jacket and is often made of thicker materials such as wool or synthetic fibers.

In addition to "abrigo," there are other terms related to coats and outerwear in Spanish. Here are a few examples:

  • Chaqueta (IPA: /tʃaˈke.ta/): Jacket
  • Chamarra (IPA: /tʃaˈma.ra/): Lightweight jacket or windbreaker
  • Capa (IPA: /ˈ Cape or cloak
  • Cazadora (IPA: /kaˈθa.ðo.ɾa/): Bomber jacket

When describing coats, it is useful to know some common adjectives in Spanish. Here are a few examples:

  • Largo (IPA: /ˈlar.ɣo/): Long
  • Corto (IPA: /ˈ Short
  • Grueso (IPA: /ˈɡɾ Thick
  • Ligero (IPA: /liˈxe.ɾo/): Light
  • Acolchado (IPA: /a.kolˈtʃa.ðo/): Padded

When shopping for a coat in a Spanish-speaking country, you might come across different styles and designs. Here are some types of coats that you might encounter:

  • Sobretodo (IPA: /so.βɾeˈto.ðo/): Overcoat
  • Gabardina (IPA: /ɡa.barˈ Trench coat
  • Piel sintética (IPA: /piˈel sinˈte.ti.ka/): Faux fur coat

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How to Say "Coat" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "coat" in Spanish:

  • ¿Dónde dejé mi abrigo? Hace frío afuera.

(Where did I leave my coat? It's cold outside.)

  • Mi abuela me tejió un abrigo muy abrigado para el invierno.

(My grandmother knitted me a very warm coat for winter.)

  • Necesito comprar un nuevo abrigo para la temporada de lluvias.

(I need to buy a new coat for the rainy season.)

  • No olvides llevar tu abrigo cuando salgas de casa.

(Don't forget to take your coat when you leave the house.)

  • El abrigo de piel es una prenda elegante y sofisticada.

(The fur coat is an elegant and sophisticated garment.)

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In conclusion, learning how to say "coat" in Spanish, which is "abrigo," is essential for anyone who wants to communicate about clothing or is planning to travel to a Spanish-speaking country. By using the translation and related vocabulary, you can confidently navigate shopping experiences, describe the coat you want or are wearing, and engage in conversations about fashion and outerwear. Remember to choose a coat that suits the weather conditions and your personal style, and stay warm and fashionable wherever your travels may take you.

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