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How to Say “Car” in Spanish

When learning a new language, it's important to have a good understanding of basic Spanish vocabulary. One of the most common words that people need to know when learning Spanish is the word for "car." In this article, we will explore different ways to say "car" in Spanish and when to use each one. You can learn more in our MostUsedWords Spanish Frequency Dictionary!

The most common way to say "car" in Spanish is "el coche." "El" is the definite article for "the" in Spanish and "coche" is the noun for "car." This is the most general term used to refer to a car, regardless of its make, model or size.

For example, you can say "El coche es muy caro" which means "The car is very expensive." Or "Tengo un coche nuevo" which means "I have a new car."

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Another way to say "car" in Spanish is "el automóvil." Like "coche," "automóvil" is also a noun, but it is considered more formal and technical than "coche." It's often used in legal and technical documents or in more formal settings.

You can also use the word "el vehículo" to refer to a car, which is a more general term, it can refer to any kind of transportation such as cars, buses, trains, etc.

If you want to refer to a specific type of car, you can use specific terms like "el sedán" for "sedan," "el coupé" for "coupe," "el hatchback" for "hatchback," "el SUV" for "SUV" and so on.

In addition, there are also slang terms for "car", such as "el quemacoches" (which roughly translates to "burner car") and "el juguete" (which means "toy").

Final thoughts

Subsequently, when studying Spanish, it's critical to understand the many ways to pronounce "vehicle" in Spanish. "El coche" is the most popular and broad phrase, "el automóvil" is more formal and technical, "el vehiculo" is more generic and may apply to any mode of transportation, and particular terminology such as "el sedán" for "sedan" or "el coupé" for "coupe" can be applied to refer to a specific type of automobile. Slang phrases such as "el quemacoches" and "el juguete" may also be encountered. To increase your Spanish vocabulary and fluency, try using these terms in different contexts.


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