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How To Say "Busy" In Spanish

When it comes to learning a new language, one of the first things people often want to know is how to say common words. If you are looking to expand your Spanish vocabulary, a good word to learn is "busy". In this article, we will explore the meaning of "busy" in Spanish, how to say it, and some sample sentences to help you use it in context.

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What is "Busy" in Spanish?

The word "busy" in Spanish can be translated as ocupado (IPA: /o.ku.ˈpa.ðo/) or ocupada (IPA: /o.ku.ˈpa.ða/), depending on the gender of the person being described. This word is used to describe someone who is occupied with a task or has a full schedule.

Meaning of "Busy" in Spanish

In Spanish, "ocupado" or "ocupada" is used to describe someone who is busy, preoccupied, or engaged in a task. This can refer to someone who is physically occupied with work or activities, or mentally occupied with thoughts or worries. It can also be used to describe a place that is busy, such as a busy street or a busy store.

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Regional Differences

It's worth noting that Spanish is spoken in many different countries, and there may be regional variations in how the word "busy" is used. For example, in some Latin American countries, the word "ocupado" is used more commonly, while in Spain, the word liado (IPA: /liˈ may be used instead.

In addition, there may be variations in how the word is pronounced. For example, in some regions of Spain, the "d" in "ocupado" may be pronounced more like a "th" sound, while in other regions it may be more like a "d" sound. Similarly, in some Latin American countries, the "c" in "ocupado" may be pronounced like an "s" sound.

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How to Say "Busy" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "busy" in Spanish:

  • Estoy muy ocupado con mi trabajo.

(I'm very busy with my work.)

  • Ella siempre está ocupada con sus actividades.

(She's always busy with her activities.)

  • La ciudad está muy ocupada durante la temporada de vacaciones.

(The city is very busy during the holiday season.)

  • El aeropuerto está lleno de gente.

(The airport is crowded.)

  • No puedo hablar ahora, estoy ocupado.

(I can't talk right now, I'm busy.)


In conclusion, knowing how to say "busy" in Spanish is essential for effective communication when traveling or interacting with Spanish speakers. "Ocupado" or "ocupada" is the most common translation for "busy" in Spanish, but other regional variations exist. Understanding the meaning of "busy" in Spanish is also crucial in various situations, such as when making appointments or conducting business. Hopefully, this article has provided helpful information on how to say "busy" in Spanish and its meaning.

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