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How To Say "Brown Hair" In Spanish

Are you looking to expand your Spanish vocabulary? One of the most basic things you can learn is how to say hair colors. In this article, we will focus on the phrase "brown hair" and its translation into Spanish. We will explore the meaning of "brown hair" in Spanish and provide you with several ways to say it.

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What is "Brown Hair" in Spanish?

In Spanish, "brown Hair" can be translated as "pelo castaño" (IPA: /ka.ˈbe.ʎo kas.ˈta.ɲo). It is a fairly common hair color in Spanish-speaking countries, and you are likely to hear the term used frequently in conversations about hair color and style.

Meaning of “Brown Hair” in Spanish

In the Spanish language, "pelo castaño" typically refers to a hair color that is medium to dark brown. This shade of brown can vary depending on the individual's skin tone and ethnicity, and can range from a warm, reddish-brown to a cool, ashy-brown.

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Translating “Brown Hair” to Spanish

As previously mentioned, "brown hair" can be translated to Spanish as "pelo castaño". However, it is worth noting that there are some additional translations that may be used depending on the context and the regional dialect of Spanish being spoken. Some other translations for "brown hair" in Spanish include:

  • Cabello Café (IPA: /ka.ˈbe.ʎo ˈka.fe/)
  • Pelo Marrón: (IPA: /ˈpe.lo ma.ˈron/)
  • Cabello Castaño Oscuro: (IPA: /ka.ˈbe.ʎo kas.ˈta.ɲo o.ˈsku.ɾo/)
  • Pelo Castaño Claro: (IPA: /ˈpe.lo kas.ˈta.ɲo ˈkla.ɾo/)

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How to Say "Brown Hair" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "brown hair" in Spanish:

  • Ella tiene el pelo castaño oscuro y los ojos verdes.

(She has dark brown hair and green eyes.)

  • Él se tiñó el cabello de color café claro.

(He dyed his hair a light brown color.)

  • La mayoría de las personas en mi familia tienen pelo marrón.

(Most people in my family have brown hair.)

  • ¿Has notado que el sol aclara el cabello castaño?

(Have you noticed that the sun lightens brown hair?)

  • Mi amigo tiene el cabello castaño claro, pero a veces lo tiñe de negro.

(My friend has light brown hair, but sometimes dyes it black.)


In conclusion, "brown hair" in Spanish can be translated as "pelo castaño", but there are also regional variations and alternative translations to be aware of. Whether you are looking to describe your own hair color or discussing hair color with others, knowing how to say "brown hair" in Spanish is a useful skill to have in your language arsenal.

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