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How To Say "Bored" In Spanish

Are you feeling uninterested, unengaged, and uninspired? Then, you might be feeling bored. If you are learning Spanish, it is important to know how to say "bored" in Spanish so that you can express this feeling to others. In this article, we will explore what "bored" means in Spanish, how to say it, and give you some examples of how to use it in a sentence.

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What is "Bored" in Spanish?

The word for "bored" in Spanish is "aburrido" (IPA: /a.bu.'ri.ðo/). It is pronounced as "ah-boo-REE-doh", with stress on the second syllable. "Aburrido" is the masculine singular form. If you want to say "bored" in a feminine way, you should use "aburrida". It is pronounced as "ah-boo-REE-dah".

In addition to "aburrido" and "aburrida", there are some other words that can express the feeling of being bored in Spanish. Here are some examples:

  • Aburrimiento (IPA: /a.bu.ri.'mjɛ This is the noun for "boredom" in Spanish. 
  • Hastiado/a (IPA: /as.'tja.ðo/): This is an adjective that can also mean "bored" in Spanish.
  • Monótono/a (IPA: /mo.' This adjective means "monotonous" or "tedious" in Spanish, which are often associated with being bored. 

Meaning of "Bored" in Spanish

"Bored" in Spanish, just like in English, means that you are feeling uninterested, unengaged, and uninspired. You might feel bored when you are doing something that you do not find stimulating or when you are not doing anything at all.

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Translating "Bored" to Spanish

If you want to say "bored" in Spanish, the most common word to use is "aburrido". However, there are a few other words that you could use in specific contexts:

  • Apático (IPA: /a.'pa.ti.ko/): This term can be used to describe a situation that is uninspiring or lacking in energy.
  • Desganado (IPA: /des.ɣa.'na.ðo/): This term can be used to describe a lack of enthusiasm or interest in something.
  • Hastiado (IPA: /as.'tja.ðo/): This term can be used to describe a feeling of weariness or exhaustion, often as a result of boredom.

Regional Variations

Like any language, Spanish has regional variations in vocabulary and usage. While "aburrido" is widely used across Spanish-speaking countries, there are some regional variations to be aware of:

  • In Argentina and Uruguay, embolado (IPA: /'la.ðo/) is a common word for "bored".
  • In Mexico, aburrirse (IPA: /a.bu.'riɾ.se/) is a common verb for expressing boredom.
  • In Spain, cansado (IPA: /kan.'sa.ðo/) is sometimes used to describe a feeling of boredom, although this is less common than using "aburrido".

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How to Say "Bored" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "bored" in Spanish:

  • Estoy aburrido/a.

(I am bored.)

  • Esta película es aburrida.

(This movie is boring.)

  • No quiero hacer nada porque me siento aburrido/a.

(I don't want to do anything because I feel bored.)

  • ¿Te aburriste durante la reunión?

(Did you get bored during the meeting?)

  • La clase de matemáticas es muy aburrida.

(The math class is very boring.)


Learning how to say "bored" in Spanish is essential if you want to communicate your feelings effectively while in a Spanish-speaking country. Remember that "aburrido" is the most commonly used word for "bored", but there may be regional variations depending on where you are. Use the sample sentences provided in this article to get a feel for how to use the word in context. And lastly, do not forget to have fun —after all, boredom is a temporary feeling, and there is always something exciting to do or explore in a new country!

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