How to Say 6 in Spanish

Spanish is a Romance language spoken by over 500 million people worldwide, making it the second most widely spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese. One of the most important things to learn in a language is how to count, and in this article, we will focus on the number 6 in Spanish.

In Spanish, the cardinal number for 6 is "seis" (IPA: [seis]). To use it in a sentence, simply say "tengo seis libros" (IPA: [tengo seis libros]) which means "I have six books." The number can also be used in plural form, for example, "Hay seis personas aquí" (IPA: [aj seis personas aki]) meaning "There are six people here."

Learn how to say 6 in Spanish

In addition to the cardinal number, there is also an ordinal number for 6 in Spanish, which is "sexto" (IPA: [seksto]). This form is used to show the order or position of an item in a series, for example "El sexto libro en la fila" (IPA: [el seksto libro en la fila]) meaning "The sixth book in the row."

It's important to note that Spanish pronunciation can be challenging for English speakers, especially when it comes to the letter "x." In Spanish, the letter "x" is pronounced as "ks." So, for the word "sexto," it is pronounced as "seksto."

How To Use "6" in a Setence?

Here are five example sentences in Spanish with English translations:

  1. Hay seis manzanas en la mesa. (There are six apples on the table.)
  2. El sexto capítulo es interesante. (The sixth chapter is interesting.)
  3. Tengo seis hermanos. (I have six siblings.)
  4. El seis de marzo es mi cumpleaños. (March 6th is my birthday.)
  5. El sexto piso es el piso más alto. (The sixth floor is the highest floor.)


Learning the numbers in a new language is an important step in the language learning process. In Spanish, the cardinal number for 6 is "seis" and the ordinal number is "sexto." Remember to practice the pronunciation, as it can be different from English. Use the five example sentences provided as a starting point for building your Spanish vocabulary and understanding of the language.

 How to say 6 in Spanish

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