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How To Say 58 In Spanish

Are you trying to learn Spanish but struggling with numbers? Don't worry, you're not alone. One number that can be particularly challenging for English speakers to say in Spanish is 58. In this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about how to say 58 in Spanish.

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What is 58 in Spanish? Cardinal and Ordinal Forms

In Spanish, cardinal numbers are used to count things or express quantities, while ordinal numbers are used to indicate the position or order of things. The Spanish ordinal form of 58 or “fifty-eight” is "cincuenta y ocho" (IPA: /sinˈkwenta i ˈo.tʃo/). Here is a breakdown of each syllable:

  • "cin" is pronounced as /sin/ (IPA)
  • "cuen" is pronounced as /ˈkwenta/ (IPA)
  • "ta" is pronounced as /ta/ (IPA)
  • "y" is pronounced as /i/ (IPA)
  • "o" is pronounced as /ˈo/ (IPA)
  • "cho" is pronounced as /ˈtʃo/ (IPA)

To say 58th in Spanish, you will need to use the ordinal number “quincuagésimo octavo” (IPA: /kinkwa'xesimo ok'taβo/). Here is a breakdown of the pronunciation:

  • "Quincuagésimo" is pronounced as /kinkwaˈxesimo/ (IPA), where:
  • "kin-" is pronounced as /kin/ (IPA).
  • "-kwa-" is pronounced as /kwa/ (IPA).
  • "-xesimo" is pronounced as /ˈxesimo/ (IPA). The stress is on the second syllable.
  • "Octavo" is pronounced as /ok'taβo/ (IPA), where:
  • "oc-" is pronounced as /ok'/ (IPA).
  • "ta" is pronounced as /ta/ (IPA).
  • "vo" is pronounced as /βo/ (IPA).

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5 Spanish to English Sample Sentences on "How to Say 58" in Spanish

Here are five sample sentences on how to say 58 in Spanish, with English translations:

  • Hoy es mi quincuagésimo octavo cumpleaños.

(Today is my 58th birthday.)

  • El libro tiene cincuenta y ocho capítulos.

(The book has fifty-eight chapters.)

  • Mi abuela nació en mil novecientos sesenta y tres, así que tiene cincuenta y ocho años.

(My grandmother was born in 1963, so she is fifty-eight years old.)

  • El equipo ganó su quincuagésimo octavo partido de la temporada.

(The team won their 58th game of the season.)

  • Necesito cincuenta y ocho dólares para comprar este regalo.

(I need fifty-eight dollars to buy this gift.)

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Learning Tips

If you are looking to improve your Spanish number skills, there are a few tips that can help you along the way.

  • Practice, practice, practice: The more you practice saying Spanish numbers, the easier it will become. Try counting out loud or asking a Spanish-speaking friend to quiz you on your numbers.
  • Learn the rules: Knowing the rules for forming cardinal and ordinal numbers in Spanish can be a big help. Take some time to memorize the basic patterns, and you will be able to construct any number you need.
  • Use a mnemonic device: Sometimes, creating a mental image or phrase can help you remember a number. For example, you might think of "cincuenta y ocho" as "cinco veces diez más ocho" (five times ten plus eight) to help you remember the words.
  • Focus on pronunciation: Pay attention to the pronunciation of each individual word in the number. This will help you say the entire number correctly and clearly.


In conclusion, learning to say 58 in Spanish is an important step in mastering the language. Remember to practice, learn the rules, use mnemonic devices, and focus on pronunciation. With time and dedication, you will soon be speaking Spanish numbers like a pro.

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