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How To Say 34 In Spanish

If you are learning Spanish, you may be wondering how to say the number 34. Knowing how to count in Spanish is an essential skill for anyone who wants to communicate with native speakers or travel to Spanish-speaking countries. In this article, we will teach you how to say 34 in Spanish, along with some helpful tips and tricks for learning Spanish numbers.

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How to Say 34 in Spanish

To say 34 in Spanish, you simply combine the words for 30 (“treinta”) and 4 (“cuatro”). The resulting word is:

Treinta y cuatro (IPA: /ˌtɾeinta i ˈkwatɾo/)

As you can see, the word for 30 is “treinta” (IPA: /ˈtɾeinta/) and the word for 4 is “cuatro” (IPA: /ˈkwatɾo/). The word “y” means "and" in Spanish and is used to combine the two numbers.

Cardinal Number: 34 

The cardinal form of 34 is used to express quantity, as in "there are 34 people in the room." In Spanish, the cardinal form of 34 is "treinta y cuatro". Here are some sample sentences to help you understand how to use it:

  • El equipo está formado por treinta y cuatro jugadores.

    (The team is made up of 34 players.)

  • Necesitaré treinta y cuatro metros de tela para hacer las cortinas.

    (I will need 34 meters of fabric to make the curtains.)

  • Hay treinta y cuatro estudiantes en esta clase.

    (There are 34 students in this class.)


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Ordinal Number: 34th

The ordinal form of 34 is used to indicate position, as in "she finished 34th in the race." In Spanish, the ordinal form of 34 is "trigésimo cuarto" (IPA: /tɾi.xe.' ' Here are some sample sentences to help you understand how to use it:

  • Ella llegó en trigésimo cuarto lugar en la carrera.

     (She finished 34th in the race.)

  • Este es el trigésimo cuarto aniversario de nuestra empresa.

     (This is our company's 34th anniversary.)

  • La habitación número 34 está en el tercer piso.

     (Room number 34 is on the third floor.)

Other Ways to Say 34 in Spanish

34 can also be expressed as "treinta y cuatro unidades" (IPA: /tɾeɪn.ta i ku.tɾo'da.des/), which means "34 units."

In some Spanish-speaking countries, 34 is sometimes expressed as "treinta y cuatro pesos" (IPA: /tɾeɪn.ta i ku.tɾo 'pe.sos/), which means "34 pesos."

34 can also be expressed using Roman numerals as "XXXIV" (ekis ekis ekis i uve), although this is not commonly used in modern Spanish.

When using 34 as an age, you would say "tengo treinta y cuatro años" (IPA: /ten.go tɾeɪn.ta i ku.tɾo 'a.ɲos/), which means "I am 34 years old."

In math, 34 is expressed as "treinta y cuatro" (IPA: /tɾeɪn.ta i ku.tɾo), just like in regular counting.

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Benefits of Saying 34 in Spanish

The benefits of saying 34 in Spanish may include:

  • Improved communication: If you are communicating with someone who speaks Spanish, using their language to convey numbers can help facilitate communication and reduce confusion.
  • Cultural understanding: Learning how to say numbers in another language can help you better understand the culture and customs of the people who speak that language.
  • Expanded language skills: Learning to say numbers in another language is a small but important step in developing your overall language skills.
  • Travel: If you plan on traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, knowing how to say numbers in Spanish can be helpful in a variety of situations, such as shopping, ordering food, or buying tickets.
  • Business opportunities: Knowing how to speak Spanish, including how to say numbers, can open up opportunities for business relationships with Spanish-speaking individuals or companies.

Overall, knowing how to say 34 in Spanish, as well as other numbers, can be a valuable skill that can have a variety of benefits in both personal and professional contexts.

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