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How To Say 33 In Spanish

Learning how to say numbers in different languages can be a fun and exciting experience. If you're looking to expand your Spanish vocabulary, then learning how to say 33 in Spanish is a great place to start. In this article, we will explore the different ways to say 33 in Spanish, including cardinal and ordinal numbers.

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Cardinal Form

The cardinal number for 33 in Spanish is "treinta y tres" (IPA: /tɾeˈinta i ˈtɾes). This translates to "thirty-three" in English. To say "33" in Spanish, you simply combine the words "treinta" (IPA: /tɾeˈinta/) and "tres" (IPA: /tɾes/) together.

Ordinal Form

If you want to say "33rd" in Spanish, you would use the ordinal number "trigésimo tercero" (IPA: /tɾiˈxesimo teɾˈθeɾo/). This translates to "thirty-third" in English. To form the ordinal number, you simply add the suffix "-ésimo" (eˈsimo) to the cardinal number for "30" (treinta) and then add the word "tercero" (teɾˈθeɾo), which means "third."

Here's a breakdown of how to pronounce it: 

  • "Trigésimo" is pronounced "tree-HEY-see-moh". The "t" sounds like the "t" in "train", the "r" is rolled, the "e" sounds like the "a" in "mate", the "hey" is pronounced like the English word "hey", and the "see-moh" sounds like "see-moh" in English.
  • "Segundo" is pronounced "seh-GOON-doh". The "seh" sounds like the "se" in "set", the "GOON" sounds like the word "goon", and the "doh" sounds like the "dough" in "doughnut".
  • So when you put it all together, "trigésimo segundo" is pronounced "tree-HEY-see-moh seh-GOON-doh".


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How to Say 33 in Spanish - Examples

Here are some Spanish to English sample sentences on how to say 33 in Spanish:

  • Tengo treinta y tres años.

    (I am 33 years old.)

  • Treinta y tres es mi número de la suerte.

    (33 is my lucky number.)

  • El capítulo treinta y tres es el mejor de la serie.

    (Chapter 33 is the best in the series.)

  • En el mes de marzo, el día treinta y tres no existe.

    (In the month of March, the 33rd day does not exist.)

  • El libro tiene treinta y tres capítulos.

    (The book has 33 chapters.)

  • ¿Cómo se dice 33 en español?

    (How do you say 33 in Spanish?)

  • El número de mi casa es el 33.

    (My house number is 33.)

  • Treinta y tres es un número primo.

    (Thirty-three is a prime number.)

  • Necesito treinta y tres dólares para comprar esto.

    (I need thirty-three dollars to buy this.)

  • Hay treinta y tres estudiantes en mi clase.

    (There are thirty-three students in my class.)

  • El trigésimo tercer partido fue el mejor.

    (The thirty-third game was the best.)

  • El trigésimo tercer edificio que construyó se averió.

    (The thirty-third building he built broke down.)

  • El trigésimo tercer empleado que contrató le agradó mucho.

    (The thirty-third employee he hired liked him very much.)

Tips for Learning Numbers in Spanish

Here are some tips to help you learn Spanish numbers more easily: 

  • Practice regularly: Like with any language skill, practice is key. Take some time each day to practice counting, using cardinal and ordinal numbers, and incorporating numbers into your conversations.
  • Use flashcards: Flashcards are a great way to memorize Spanish numbers. You can create your own flashcards or use pre-made ones available online or at bookstores.
  • Learning a new language can be a rewarding experience, and Spanish is one of the most popular languages to learn. Whether you plan to travel to a Spanish-speaking country, communicate with Spanish speakers in your community, or simply expand your linguistic skills, learning the numbers in Spanish is an essential step. In this article, we will focus on how to say 33 in Spanish, as well as provide some helpful tips on learning the language.


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Learning Spanish numbers is an important part of mastering the language. By knowing how to say 33 in Spanish, you are one step closer to fluency. Remember to practice regularly and use the tips we've provided to help you memorize the numbers. With dedication and effort, you will be able to speak Spanish with confidence in no time.

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