How To Say Happy Mother's Day in Spanish - A Guide On Wishing Mothers Well in Spanish.

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How To Say Happy Mother's Day in Spanish - A Guide On Wishing Mothers Well in Spanish.

When it comes to appreciating special people in our lives, there is a need to pay attention to the messages you put across. Mothers are the gifts that keep on giving, and when it’s time to give them something back for all that they do, we need to be intentional. Spanish Frequency Dictionaries

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Mother’s Day Wishes in Spanish


“Happy Mother’s Day” translates as feliz día de la madre. For you to come up with the best wishes, you need to define what you appreciate most about them.

Some of the common things are their love, hugs, care, compassion, and selflessness, which translate as amor, abrazos, cuidado, compasión y desinterés. Once you do this, then you can custom the wish to reflect who your mother is.

The aim is to ensure they know that you love them, care for them, and appreciate all that they do. Below are some phrases you can use for your wishes:


Tu amor es especial para mi. – Your love is special to me.


Mothers are some of the people in life who will always mean something to us. It is essential to let them know that the regard you have for them does not compare to any other. By telling them that they have a special place in your heart, you are communicating their essence in your life.


Estoy orgulloso de ser tu hijo. – I am proud to be your child.


This expresses an associative sense of pride based on who they are and what they have done. A parent's accomplishments and their ability to give their everything to their work and relationship can elicit pride in their child. If you are happy to be associated with the things your mother does, this is an ideal phrase.


Criarme es un trabajo que hiciste bien. – Raising me was a job you did well.


Being a mother is a task that doesn’t have a reference point. For most parents, it takes too long to determine whether they excelled at it or not. It is essential to let your mom know that everything they did for you worked for your good. This is both an appreciation message and a congratulatory one.


Aunque tomó mucha paciencia, nunca me diste por vencida. – Although it took a lot of patience, you never gave up on me.


If you know that it took a lot for your mother to get through all the trouble you got into, it is crucial to tell her that you saw her sacrifices, and you appreciate all that she did. This is also an acknowledgment of your role in the things that you went through. You also recognize that bringing you up was not a walk in the park and commend your mum for sticking around.


Con amor, del niño más afortunado – With love, from the luckiest child


This wish expresses that you see your mother as a gift, and that you appreciate the fact that you got to be her child. This is appropriate since most mothers see their children as gifts; this helps in letting them know that they are one, too.


Siempre estaré agradecido de tenerte como mamá. – I’ll always be grateful to have you as my mum.


When you are experiencing some separation from your mother or are in an argument, this phrase lets them know that there is a chance to heal. It shows them that despite what you are going through, you will always value who they are to you. 


Me diste todo tu amor, aquí hay un poco de él de vuelta. – You gave me all your love, here is a little of it back.


A mother’s love can be compared to none, and it would be impossible to love them as much as they love us. It is, therefore, essential to acknowledge the intensity of their love. By saying you are giving them back a bit of their love, it shows that all that you have belongs to them, and they deserve what you give.


Eres la madre más asombrosa. – You are the most amazing mother.


This reassures them that they are great. Saying others pale in comparison to them makes them feel special, which is the whole aim of the day. Another phrase that closely relates to this one is the “best mum in the world.” which translates as mejor mamá del mundo.


Me diste la mejor infancia. – You gave me the best childhood.


Since most parents work to provide everything their children need, they end up sacrificing a lot. This wish tells your mother that the work they did paid off. By stating that your childhood was amazing, you are giving them a stamp of approval for all the decisions they made on your behalf.


Gracias por estar siempre ahí. – Thank you for always being there.


Other than money and financial support, parents are obliged to give their time to their children; this is an appreciation for all the time they invested in you. It shows that there was never a time that you needed them that they were not there.

This also means they never failed to show up for you. You could also use me diste todo lo que necesitaba, which translates as “you gave me everything I needed.” This sums up all things, from monetary to emotional support.

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Todo lo que creo que puedo hacer, es porque te escuché. – Everything I believe I can do is because I listened to you.


This acts as a reminder of the role they played in who you are now. It shows their power and influence, and how without it, none of your achievements would have been possible. This can be accompanied by me enseñaste a amarme a mí mismo ("you taught me how to love myself").

The wish you select should be based on your sentiments. It is advisable to accompany your tarjeta del día de la madre (Mother’s Day card) with a regalo (a gift). Some of the common ones are a day at the spa, chocolate, dinner, and flowers. 

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