Rocket Languages Hindi Review: Is it Worth Your Time and Money?

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Rocket Languages Hindi Review: Is it Worth Your Time and Money?

Do you want to learn Hindi? Do you want to get fully involved in grammar, speaking, and writing? Today we look into Rocket Hindi, a popular online course designed to help you learn Hindi. In this review, we will discuss the pro's and con's of Rocket Hindi. We will help you decide whether it is worth the investment.

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 Rocket Hindi: What is it?

Rocket Hindi is an online learning application. It is designed to teach you Hindi, with engaging lectures, tests, and practice activities. The curriculum aims to help students develop a solid foundation in the Hindi language. The course is divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. So you can work your way up from the start, or begin at a point that suits your knowledge. There are different ways of learning including; audio recordings, video courses, and quizzes. 


The course is made up of 5 main sections:

  1. ‘Language and Culture’Grammar rules and descriptions of Indian culture can be found in the Language and Culture section.
  2. ‘Interactive Audio’  All of the high quality chats, podcast-style lessons, and dialogues may be found in the Interactive Audio section.
  3. ‘Writing’ The Hindi alphabet is found in the category of writing.
  4. ‘Survival Kit’ Includes important first needed terminology and expressions in Hindi, the Alphabet Survival Kit is a good place to start.
  5. ‘Tools The forum, built-in dictionary, flashcards, and more are all included under Tools.



Rocket Language Hindi Flashcard
Learn quick with relevant flash cards

How does Rocket Hindi work?

Many people have given Rocket Hindi positive ratings. Praising its interactive lessons. Also, the straightforward layout and focus on practical speaking abilities are being praised. The following are some aspects of the program that users like: 


Interactive Lessons: courses are dynamic, interesting. They employ various methods of learning.  Including audio recordings, video courses, and quizzes. 


Curriculum Structure: You can go through each course on your own pace. Rocket Hindi remembers your progress. And each session builds on the one before it. You have a lifetime membership. This means you can return anytime you want. 

Speaking Skills: Rocket Hindi lays a lot of emphasis on speaking abilities. Many lessons are created to provide students with their articulation and conversational skills.

Interface of the Rocket Hindi application

Learn pronounciation with high quality sound recordings

Cultural Content: Lessons on Indian culture are also part of the curriculum. It helps students understand the cultural setting in which the language is used.

Mobile-Friendly: Rocket Hindi's website is mobile-friendly. This allows learners to access the program from their smartphones or tablets. There is also a free app available in the appstore. 


Rocket Language Hindi App

 Overview of the free preview


The potential drawbacks of Rocket Hindi:

Conversation practice: Rocket Hindi places a lot of emphasis on speaking abilities. An often heard complaint is that there are not enough opportunities to practice speaking with native speakers. 

Lack of grammatical explanation: A common complaint is that the program does not provide comprehensive explanations of Hindi grammatical principles. which may make it challenging for some learners to properly comprehend the language.

Price: Some users might find the entire program's price expensive. Especially if they have a limited budget.


Is Rocket language better than Duolingo?

Is a question many people ask. The length, format, and level of the lessons are where Rocket Languages and Duolingo diverge most. The Rocket classes are more thorough, focus on grammar, and work to improve your speaking skills. whereas the Duolingo sessions are merely more simpler in nature. So it depends on your learning style, more involved, or casual. But to fully emerge in the Hindi language, Rocket language might be the better option. 


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How would a frequency dictionary complement Rocket Hindi?

A frequency dictionary could be useful to complement Rocket Hindi for several reasons. A frequency dictionary is a list of words in a language ordered by their frequency of use in the language. By studying the most commonly used words in Hindi, learners can build a solid foundation of vocabulary. That will allow you to communicate confidently in many situations. 


By using a frequency dictionary alongside Rocket Hindi, you can:

Create Vocabulary

By focusing on the most frequently used Hindi terms. You can quickly create a solid foundation of vocabulary. By using a frequency dictionary together with Rocket Hindi.

Enhance Comprehension

By learning the most common words in Hindi, you can improve your comprehension of spoken and written Hindi.
Improve your Speaking and Writing Skills: You can learn the most frequent Hindi terms. In this way, you can enhance your vocabulary quickly.



Rocket Hindi is a well proven program that can help you learn through interactive lessons.  Although you might bump into some restrictions, Rocket Hindi is still a proven and preferred option for language learners worldwide. Rocket Hindi can be a great assistant if you want to learn Hindi.  

If you only require a speed course. Or if you wish to learn a few simple sentences to use, while on vacation, Rocket Hindi might not be the learning tool for you. But when you have sustained motivation, for an extended period of time.  Rocket Hindi can be a lucrative way to learn Hindi. For a set fee, Rocket Hindi will provide you with a lifetime subscription. Therefore, if you can remain motivated, lifetime subscription might be a great offer.

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