Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés Review: Is it Worth Trying?

Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés Review: Is it Worth Trying?

What is Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés?

Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés is an online course designed to teach the English language to Spanish speakers. This course covers everything from the basics of English grammar and vocabulary to more advanced topics, such as reading and writing in English.

Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés is offered in three different levels, starting from level 1 (beginner) and progressing up to level 3 (advanced). The course includes audio lessons, interactive exercises, quizzes, and cultural insights to help students learn the language in a fun and engaging way.

Is Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés Good?

Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés is a well-designed course that is easy to use and navigate. The audio lessons are of high quality, with clear pronunciation and a good pace for Spanish speakers to follow along. The course also includes interactive exercises that help reinforce what has been learned in each lesson, making it easier for learners to retain the material.

One of the things that sets Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés apart from other language learning courses is the focus on cultural insights. The course provides a lot of information about English-speaking countries, their customs, and their people, which helps learners understand the language in context and become more culturally aware.

Another positive aspect of Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés is that it offers a lot of content at an affordable price. Users can purchase a lifetime access to the course or subscribe monthly with reasonable pricing.

Is Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés Worth It?

Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés is definitely worth trying if you are interested in learning the English language. Here are some of the reasons why:


  1. Interactive and engaging lessons
  2. Focus on cultural insights
  3. Affordable pricing options
  4. High-quality audio lessons
  5. Mobile app available for on-the-go learning


  1. Limited speaking and writing practice
  2. Not suitable for advanced learners
  3. Limited feedback on pronunciation

While Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés is an excellent course for beginners and intermediate learners, it may not be suitable for advanced learners looking for more advanced vocabulary and grammar lessons.

Additionally, Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés does not provide as much opportunity for speaking and writing practice as other courses. Some users have noted that they would like more opportunities to practice speaking and writing in English with other learners or with a teacher.

Finally, while the audio lessons are of high quality, there is limited feedback on pronunciation. Some learners may find it helpful to supplement Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés with additional resources that focus specifically on pronunciation.

How a Frequency Dictionary Would Complement Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés

A frequency dictionary is a reference tool that lists words in a language in order of how frequently they are used in written or spoken texts. Using a frequency dictionary in conjunction with Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés can help learners prioritize which words and phrases to focus on first, based on their frequency in everyday communication.

A frequency dictionary can also help learners expand their vocabulary by introducing them to less common words that may not be covered in the Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés course. By incorporating a frequency dictionary into their language learning routine, learners can accelerate their progress and improve their overall language proficiency.

In conclusion, Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés is a great option for Spanish speakers looking to learn English. The course is interactive, engaging, and covers a wide range of topics, from grammar and vocabulary to reading and writing. The focus on cultural insights and the affordability of the course are also big positives. However, the limited speaking and writing practice and the lack of feedback on pronunciation may be issues for some users.

Incorporating a frequency dictionary into their learning routine can complement Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés and help learners prioritize their study of the most commonly used words and phrases in English.

Overall, Rocket Languages Aprende Inglés is definitely worth trying, especially for beginners and intermediate learners. The comprehensive course content and affordable pricing options make it an accessible and valuable tool for anyone interested in learning English get it here.

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