Pimsleur Hungarian Review

Pimsleur Hungarian Review

What is Pimsleur Hungarian?

Pimsleur Hungarian is a language learning program developed by Dr. Paul Pimsleur, a renowned expert in applied linguistics. It is designed to teach users Hungarian in a step-by-step manner through audio lessons that focus on spoken language skills. The program is based on the principles of graduated interval recall, core vocabulary, organic learning, and anticipation, which aim to simulate the natural way people learn language. The program consists of 30-minute audio lessons that users can listen to and practice at their own pace.

Is Pimsleur Hungarian good?

Yes, Pimsleur Hungarian is a well-designed language learning program that has received positive reviews from users. The program is designed to help users develop their speaking and listening skills in Hungarian, which is essential for effective communication. The lessons are engaging and interactive, allowing users to practice their language skills in real-life situations. The Pimsleur method focuses on natural language acquisition, which makes it an effective approach for language learners.

Is Pimsleur Hungarian worth it?

Yes, Pimsleur Hungarian is worth the investment for those who are serious about learning Hungarian. The program is comprehensive and provides users with a solid foundation in the language. It is also convenient, as users can access the lessons from anywhere and at any time. Additionally, the program comes with a money-back guarantee, which means that users can try it risk-free.

Advantages of Pimsleur Hungarian:

  • Focus on spoken language: Pimsleur Hungarian focuses on teaching users how to speak and understand Hungarian in real-life situations, which is essential for effective communication.
  • Gradual learning process: The program uses a gradual learning process that helps users retain what they have learned and build on their language skills over time.
  • Interactive lessons: The program provides interactive lessons that engage users and allow them to practice their language skills in realistic situations, making learning fun and enjoyable.
  • Convenient and flexible: Users can access the lessons from anywhere and at any time, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules or limited access to language learning resources.
  • Money-back guarantee: The program comes with a money-back guarantee, giving users peace of mind and the opportunity to try it risk-free.

Disadvantages of Pimsleur Hungarian:

  • Limited focus on grammar: Pimsleur Hungarian focuses primarily on speaking and listening skills, which means that users may not receive comprehensive instruction in Hungarian grammar.
  • Lack of visual aids: The program is primarily audio-based, which means that users may not have access to visual aids, such as written texts or images, to support their learning.
  • Limited vocabulary: While the program covers core vocabulary, users may find that they need to supplement their learning with additional resources to expand their vocabulary for more varied communication.

How a frequency dictionary would complement Pimsleur Hungarian:

A frequency dictionary is a tool that lists words in a language based on their frequency of use. It is a useful resource for language learners as it allows them to prioritize learning the most commonly used words first. In the case of Pimsleur Hungarian, a frequency dictionary would complement the program by providing users with a list of the most frequently used words in Hungarian. This would help users expand their vocabulary and improve their ability to communicate in real-life situations.


Pimsleur Hungarian is a solid language learning program that can help learners develop a strong foundation in the Hungarian language. Its audio-based approach makes it convenient for learners who are always on the go, and the graduated interval recall method ensures that learners retain what they have learned over time.

Overall, users seem to have a positive experience with Pimsleur Hungarian, citing its effective teaching method, helpful and engaging instructors, and practical lessons that are relevant to real-life situations. However, some users have pointed out a few areas for improvement, including the lack of written materials and the high cost of the program.

A frequency dictionary can complement Pimsleur Hungarian by providing learners with a list of the most commonly used words and phrases in the Hungarian language. This can help learners expand their vocabulary and improve their understanding of the language. Additionally, learners can use the frequency dictionary alongside Pimsleur Hungarian to practice their writing skills and reinforce what they have learned through the audio lessons.

Overall, if you are looking to learn Hungarian, Pimsleur Hungarian is definitely worth considering. While it may not be the most affordable option out there, its proven track record and positive user reviews suggest that it can be an effective way to learn the language. Just be sure to supplement your studies with additional resources, such as a frequency dictionary, to get the most out of your learning experience.

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