German Uncovered Review


is German Uncovered?

German Uncovered is an online language learning course that teaches German through a story-based approach. The course was created by Olly Richards, a well-known language learning expert, who designed the curriculum to help students learn German naturally by immersing them in a compelling narrative.

The course consists of 20 chapters, each with its own story and accompanying lessons. Students are guided through the material with audio recordings, transcripts, and interactive exercises, which reinforce the material and help learners progress at their own pace.

Is German Uncovered good?

After conducting extensive research and analysis, we can confidently say that German Uncovered is a high-quality language learning resource that is well worth considering for anyone looking to learn German. Here are five things that users like about the product:

Engaging content: The stories used in the course are entertaining and engaging, which makes learning German more enjoyable and helps students stay motivated throughout the course.

Natural approach: German Uncovered takes a natural approach to language learning by teaching through stories, which is a proven method for helping students retain vocabulary and grammar concepts.

Self-paced learning: The course is designed to be completed at the learner's own pace, which allows for greater flexibility and makes it easy to fit language learning into a busy schedule.

Audio recordings: The audio recordings that accompany each lesson are high-quality and provide a great way to practice listening comprehension and pronunciation skills.

Comprehensive curriculum: German Uncovered covers a wide range of language skills, including vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, making it a well-rounded resource for learners at all levels.

Is German Uncovered worth it?

While German Uncovered does require a financial investment, we believe that it is well worth the cost for anyone serious about learning German. Here are three potential drawbacks to consider:

Limited feedback: While the course does offer interactive exercises, there is limited feedback available to students, which may make it difficult to gauge progress or identify areas for improvement.

Self-motivation required: As with any self-paced course, learners will need to stay motivated and committed to completing the material in order to see results.

Basic level: While the course does provide a solid foundation in German, it may not be sufficient for those looking to achieve advanced fluency.

How a frequency dictionary complements German Uncovered

One way to enhance the learning experience with German Uncovered is by using a frequency dictionary. These dictionaries provide learners with a list of the most commonly used words in a language, ranked in order of frequency. By focusing on these words first, learners can quickly build a strong foundation of vocabulary that they can then use to understand more complex language concepts.

Using a frequency dictionary in conjunction with German Uncovered can help learners:

Identify the most important vocabulary words to focus on

Build a solid foundation of common words and phrases

Improve overall comprehension and fluency in German


German Uncovered is a high-quality language learning resource that is well worth considering for anyone looking to learn German. While there are some potential drawbacks, the engaging content, natural approach, and comprehensive curriculum make this course a great option for learners of all levels. By using a frequency dictionary in conjunction with the course, learners can further enhance their learning and accelerate their progress towards fluency in German.

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