The Portuguese Dictionary Guide for Learners

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The Portuguese Dictionary Guide for Learners



What Is The Best Portuguese Dictionary?

An excellent Portuguese dictionary to English dictionary is essential when you are learning Portuguese.

You'll need a dictionary whether you're just beginning to learn Portuguese language or have already mastered it.

This article will focus on both physical books and digital apps.


  • Best dictionary for learning vocabulary
  • Best Portuguese To English dictionary


  • Best online dictionary
  • Best automatic translators featuring dictionary functions 

Physical books

The best dictionary for learning Portuguese vocabulary

The MostUsedWords Portuguese frequency dictionaries give information to learners about the most used words in Portuguese. Only the top 2500 words of the Portuguese language are used. This is 90% of all of the 300.000 words.

There are certain diminishing results. However, the top 10,000 words will help you understand 98% all spoken languages and 97% each of all Portuguese texts.

Learn Portuguese the easiest way to learn is by knowing the most popular words. Enter our frequency dictionaries. These dictionaries will provide you with useful Portuguese vocabulary lists. They are based upon how often you'll use the word. These books will give you:

  • You can find the most popular Portuguese words by looking at this frequency list
  • Frequency tables of parts of the speech: This list includes the most common Portuguese adjectives and adverbs as well as nouns, verbs, and nouns.
  • A Portuguese A-Z dictionary is included in the back so that you can easily look up Portuguese terms.


All Portuguese entries include:

  • English translations
  • IPA phonetic pronunciation is used to help you correctly pronounce Portuguese words.
  • Detailled information about the Part of Speech
  • Portuguese to English example sentences so that you can see the vocabulary in context

The Portuguese frequency dictionary is available on Amazon in Paperback as well as our PDF eBooks. The most popular 10.000 words are divided into 4 books:

  • Essential Vocabulary: Portuguese Frequency Dictionary Top 2500 Most Common Portuguese Words
  • Intermediate Vocabulary: Portuguese Frequency Dictionary 2501-2500 Most Common Portuguese Words
  • Advanced Vocabulary: Portuguese Frequency Dictionary Top 5001-7500 Most Common Portuguese words
  • Master Vocabulary: Portuguese Frequency Dictionary Top 7501-10000 Most Common Portuguese Words


These frequency dictionaries will be of great use to those who are learning Portuguese at home or in a class setting. They can be useful tools to help you quickly improve your practical vocabulary.

However, they don't contain all Portuguese words. They only include the most popular ones. But they are sufficient to meet 98% of your Portuguese language demands. Grammar is also not covered by the books.


Best Comprehensive Portuguese-English dictionary for Learners

Collins and Oxford have comprehensive dictionaries available for students. Both have great grammar reference and  are trusted brands. They can be ordered in paperback from Amazon or downloaded from their sites.

These traditional Portuguese dictionaries list the Portuguese vocabulary from A to Z. There are about 120,000 entries. They make great companions if you are searching for uncommon words. Their strength lies in grammar explanations as well as thematic vocabulary lists.

Online Portuguese Dictionaries & Apps

An online dictionary can be your best friend when you need to quickly look up a Portuguese phrase. However, online dictionaries can be more efficient than traditional dictionaries in that terms can be searched quickly.

When searching for Portuguese dictionaries online, be aware that there are many options. Because of their many features, they may not be the best for all situations. Below we list our recommendations for Portuguese dictionary that can fulfill a wide variety of needs.


Best All-Round Dictionary (including Conjugations!): WordReference

Wordreference is a popular choice for anyone who has ever taken Portuguese classes. We consider it the best Portuguese dictionary in a variety of situations.

Wordreference is a website that provides translations of English to Portuguese and Portuguese into English. It also has information about verb conjugations which is very useful. It will also provide information about context and how Portuguese words can be used.

You can also use a Portuguese only dictionary to help you learn Portuguese. This is extremely useful if your goal is to avoid English entirely.

Wordreference's interface is a major problem. It is not modern and should be updated. The following dictionary might be more appropriate for you if aesthetics are important to you.

Best Dictionary For Assisted Learning: StreetSmart Brazil

StreetSmart Brazil provides a more current and user-friendly interface. It is a well-designed website which guides learners in the right direction.

This website offers:

  • English definition
  • Phonetic pronunciation
  • Example sentences in which this word appears.

You will also find resources that go far beyond the simple dictionary. StreetSmart Brazil is a great resource for language learners. It has vocabulary lists and grammar tips. StreetSmart Brazil has a paid version which allows you to receive more assistance while learning the language.


Best Dictionary For Real Spoken Portuguese and Slang: Cambridge Dictionary

Sometimes the dictionary may not be able translate something you need. This is usually because the slang used in these cases is not appropriate or new enough to be included in a proper dictionary.

Cambridge Dictionary makes it easy. Cambridge Dictionary is similar to the Urban Dictionary of Portuguese. Cambridge Dictionary is not compiled by linguists. Instead, it's created by users. The dictionary is composed entirely of entries written randomly by people. Similar to Wikipedia.

This is something you should keep in mind while searching for things online: just because someone claims something online doesn't make it true.

The website also allows you to sort its phrases and words by country. This makes it easy for you to find the right slang for your needs.



Most Popular Portuguese Translator: Google Translate

Google Translate is probably something that you are already familiar with. It is both wonderful and dangerous. If it works, it's great. It will not work as advertised and result in an awkward sentence or nonsensical translation.

Here are some ways to get the most from Google Translate

Google Translate should be used to translate a single word, few words, or a phrase and not a lengthy sentence. As you add more Portuguese text, the site's artificial intelligence is more likely to make mistakes.

You can also be assured that the translation is accurate by seeing a shield symbol next it. The shield indicates that the translation is certified by an actual human.

Do not just focus on the first Google Translate result. Many times, the information below will include additional translations of the exact same word. These alternative translations might make sense for you in your particular situation.


Best Neural AI Online Portuguese Translator

These AI-powered translations offer a superior alternative to Google Translate. Both of them come with a built-in Dictionary. They do, or at least the paid version.

  • Lingvanex

These translations will make mistakes, but are more accurate then Google Translate. You should definitely consider purchasing the paid versions if you use them for school or at work.


So, What Is The Best Portuguese Dictionary?


This depends on the situation. Get a Portuguese frequency vocabulary dictionary if you are looking for fast and relevant vocabulary.

You will need a general-use dictionary with grammar and many terms. A traditional dictionary for learners is the best choice.

StreetSmart Brazil and Wordreference offer free Portuguese language lessons.

Google Translate can help you translate sentences and get definitions. Lingvanex or DeepL can provide accurate translations for large amounts of text.

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