German Frequency Dictionaries Testimonials - Four Customers Share Their Stories

Today I wanted to share with you four stories from our customers, who had a great experience with our German frequency dictionaries series.

These books give you all the German vocabulary you need, presented by how often you’ll use the word in text and speech. They’re available in paperback from Amazon, or as e-books right from our store.

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What These Four People Think About The German Frequency Dictionaries:



"Learned more from this book than in 4 years of German classes"

german frequency dictionary"When I first heard about the German frequency dictionaries, I thought it sounded super smart and definitely interesting.. I always used to learn words from lists, covering a specific topic. Like, the days of the week, colors numbers... you probably know what I'm talking about.

I wasn't entirely sure this frequency approach would work, but I wasn't really getting anywhere with my other German courses.. so I figured why not give it a try.

I'm very happy I did: I tried the German 1 - Essential Vocabulary and I loved the results. I'm SO SO SO SO glad I got this book!

It's obvious that a lot of thought and effort went into creating this frequency dictionary. The frequency list is pure BLISS, and I love that you can also study per adjective, verb, or noun.

I learned more in 4 weeks with this single book than I did in 4 years of high school!!! I feel so relieved since I discovered these German frequency dictionaries."

Franko de Groot, 35

Enschede, Netherlands


"Better than everything else I've tried"

"I love my German frequency dictionaries, because it's just a very simple method that works better than anything else I've tried so far. I just learn a few words a day, and with every word I KNOW I'm improving in the right direction, without wasting my time on words that I'll never use anyway.

I've been in Berlin now for a few months. In this time I've gone from understanding nothing at all, to doing most of the things in German.

I wouldn't call myself 100% fluent yet but I can count on my left hand the times I had to resort back to English.

The German frequency dictionaries are a godsend, and I've recommended them to all my expat friends here. "

Rory O'Hara,

Berlin, Germany


"I spend less time studying for more results"

"The German Essential vocabulary is hands down the most use I I have ever gotten from any language learning course!! After just a few weeks of studying from this book, my vocabulary improved leaps and bounds. It's pretty impressive really!!

Best yet, I actually spend less time studying than I did before.


I'm very happy I came across the German Essential dictionary. I have bought the complete set now and it's worth every penny. "

Emma Jensz 26

Vienna, Austria



"Stupidly simple method that gives you a clear structure for learning new German words"

"I tried the German frequency intermediate vocabulary, because I was fed up with slow progress and spending a lot of money on courses that mismatched my German level.

I've had it for about a year now, and I have recently bought the Advanced vocabulary book too. Both books follow the same template: a general frequency list, that list subdivided in the most common nouns, verbs and adjectives and finally the vocabulary sorted by alphabet.

The German frequency dictionaries made it super easy to study German by myself, in my own tempo, and at my own skill level!

My results are really more than I ever could expect! One thing I really liked was the stupidly simple method that gives you a clear structure to learn new German words. You can measure your progress easily, and that makes you really feel like you're getting better quickly.

The experience is excellent and stress free; I follow a simple, structured plan. Best of all, it doesn’t take me more than ten minutes a day.

I would recommend the German frequency dictionaries to anyone who wants to learn German on their own!"

 Evi Kysylkova


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